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Your 11-Point Essentials Checklist For Welcoming New Year's Eve On a Yacht

Ringing in the New Year is as much a welcoming of more great things to come as it is a celebration of all the awesomeness of the year coming to a close. Who doesn't want to celebrate in style-- so why not consider counting down to 2018 somewhere totally unique and chic, like a yacht? 

For those we'll see out on the sea, here's your 11-point essentials checklist for welcoming New Year's Eve on a yacht. 

Sun protection 


While the party is probably going to go in full swing past sunset, you're still going to set sail in the daytime, and that means lots and lots of sun exposure. We all know that spending too much in direct sunlight is a huge skin no-no, so carry on a tube of VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 that does double duty by protecting your face and body. It doesn't leave any white residue, and can maintain effectiveness even when you go for a dip if applied at least an hour before. 


Multi-port battery charger

Pictures, pictures, pictures! You're going to be using your phone, tablet, and camera to document every single moment during your New Year's Eve countdown, so you definitely don't want them running out of power. Power supply on a yacht is limited, so and your companions shouldn't depend on it. Bring the MAXOAK 50,000mAh external battery pack that can charge up to six devices at a time, laptops included. It's a little bulky, but it's meant to be left stationary in a secure place, and not carried around in a small purse. 



Quick dry microfiber towel


Yachts should be supplied with their own cotton towels, but they admittedly take a while to dry once used. After a dip in the ocean, you don't want to be uncomfortably wrapping yourself up in a damp towel (not to mention that doing so could give you a cold). An Aquazorb towel is a practical remedy to this. It's lightweight and compact, dries in a jiffy, comes in lots of different sizes, and as an extra, comes in cute colors! 


Waterproof phone pouch

Amidst the revelry, your phone can slip from your hand, suffer water damage, or worse, fall into the deep blue sea, never to be seen again. Scary! Keep your phone dry, safe, and close to you at all times with this see-through waterproof pouch by SwimCell that you can wear. It's extra-secure seal keep moisture and water out while still letting you text or answer calls, and fits both Apple and Android devices while leaving the right amount of space for other valuables like keys and cash. Just be extra vigilant when you take your phone out for a photo opt! 




Did you have a little too much to drink or is that just you feeling a little seasick? It can be hard to tell. Either way, fight nausea while out at sea with Seaband — a nifty little device you wear on your wrist like a bracelet that helps keep you feeling grounded even when in motion. It's well designed, so you won't have to worry about it getting in the way of your expertly planned outfits. (Tip: anti-nausea medication like --- is a good supplement to this for those who are extra sensitive). 


Dry bag

You can expect a little ocean spray (and spilled drinks) to make its way to you, but you don't want it soaking your cash, credit cards, sunglasses, and other valuables you have with you. Aside from your handbag and for good measure, consider bringing a rollable dry bag from Hull & Stern. This non-bulky bag keeps things dry and safe at all times. Best to be safe than sorry!


Cover ups 

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The sun may blaze during the day, temperatures can drop pretty quickly when you're out on water — even on a tropical yacht party in Manila. Don't be that underprepared and underdressed guest trying to silence their chattering teeth. There's a ton of fashionable cover ups you can choose from to wear over your swimsuit as an extra layer to your airy outfit. Our favorites include a number from beach wear expert, White Stuff. 


Appropriate footwear 


Rubber is your best friend when you know you're going to be walking on wet and slippery surfaces. Avoid embarrassing slips and falls by wearing the right footwear, like slippers by Philippe Stark for Ipanema,  slip on sandals from Tory Burch, or classic boat shoes from Sperry. 



Other wardrobe essentials 


We're in no way dictating what you should and shouldn't wear to this much-awaited event, but there are definitely some pieces that are best to avoid given your party's unique venue. Maxi skirts make you look cute as a button, but if you're not careful or if a big wave hits, you could trip on the hemline. Heels of any kind are also generally not permitted by yacht crews as they might scratch the deck and, god forbid, might make you lose your balance. To maintain that nautical look, might we suggest a navy blue double breasted jacket from Ralph Lauren, cotton (non-denim) shorts from Banana Republic, or a striped cotton button down shirt from Massimo Dutti instead. 


Hydrating facial spray 


You want to keep looking fresh from day to night without periodically touching up your makeup (makeup that we also suggest should be more sheer and light than your regular look). One way to achieve that isn't to keep packing on layers, but instead, to hydrate! The sun combined with salty sea breeze can take its toll on your skin, so use this Hydrating Facial Spray from Evian every hour or so and you'll see the difference. (Tip: feel free to spritz your hair with it too, to avoid it tangling and drying out). 


Waterproof speakers


The "phone in a glass" hack won't cut it when you're trying to amplify your New Year's Eve soundtrack. The Sony XB10 Waterproof Wireless Speaker is all you need to get the party started — and going! It's portable, durable, packs up to 16 hours of battery life, and protects itself from the elements while you go and have yourself a good time. A worthwhile investment, for sure.