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In Photos: See Former MYX VJ Erica Abello's Rustic-Romantic Wedding In Bacolod

The bride said her wedding to Ryan Daniels "showcased the Philippines through its fabrics, food, and culture"

Wedding planning requires attention to detail to the highest level possible. For many brides, this tends to get more intense when the celebration involves a destination wedding. It can be a logistical nightmare. Aside from all things couple related, the guests need to be taken care of as well. 

Former MYX VJ and Star Magic artist Erica Abello related to this scenario very much, as she tied the knot with Ryan Daniels last November in Bacolod City. 

"Like any other wedding, we encountered challenges in literally ALL aspects of the wedding. Believe me. It just makes me laugh when I think about how there was not one aspect of the wedding that went smoothly from the beginning," Erica tells Metro.Style. "I think I was blessed, though, because there was no challenge or problem too big that didn’t have a solution right away... everything just had a way of falling into place."

For this happy couple, it didn't matter how difficult the journey was; what mattered more to them was that their destination is the same and that it's one which ultimately leads to wedded bliss. After all, this is just one day out of the many days they've committed to spending with each other.  

Erica Abello and Ryan Daniels wedding in Bacolod City

All the challenges they experienced, they overcame together. And the result was an elegant wedding that tastefully combined rustic and romantic elements in one simple yet grand affair. The sophisticated garden reception was also enveloped with a fun and relaxed vibe, thanks in part to the energy their guests and entertainers brought into the party.  

The overview of the event easily shows how well organized and well thought out it was, but once you zoom into each and every element that made up the entirety of the picture, one will find it even more beautiful and meaningful.

Here, real bride Erica talked about how it was like preparing for her and Ryan's big day, and shared tips detail-oriented brides-to-be will certainly appreciate: 

About the couple

When and how did you and your husband meet?

"We met through mutual friends one night out in Manila, just a couple months after Ryan moved to the Philippines to open up a restaurant called BERDE with his friends."

How long have you been together?

"3 years and 1 month before we got married"

What are your current occupations?

"Ryan works as an Operations Manager at a solar company called SunGrow in San Francisco. I am the EVP and Managing Director of a Landscaping Company called FARM Inc."

What do you enjoy doing together? Hobbies, interests?

"We really enjoy being outdoors and going on different adventures togetherhiking, diving, or just simply lazing around on the beach. We also get pretty competitive in bowling; we actually have a running tally of our scores since we started dating!

"Another thing we really love to do is cook together. We crack open a bottle of wine, put on some music and cook up a storm."


Preparing for the wedding

What is your wedding's motif, and why did you choose it?

"I really wanted something more rustic and romantic while showcasing the Philippines through its fabrics, food, and culture. Ryan’s family is from the US and I wanted them to experience our country in the best way possible. More than just the Philippines, though, I wanted to show off everything Bacolod has to offer, especially since this is where Ryan proposed.

"I don't know if you’d call it a motif but a big theme to the wedding, too, was making sure there was nothing too excessive or extravagant. We challenged ourselves to curate a wedding that was not wasteful and one where carbon footprint is at a minimum. We wanted most, if not everything, locally sourcednot just from the Philippines, but from Bacolod as well."

How long did you prepare for your wedding?

"We got engaged in January 2019 and we were actually made to choose a date right away so that got the ball rolling early. I got all the big suppliers down the first month and then wanted to just enjoy the engagement and soak it all in before really getting into the tiny details later that year.

"If I condensed everything, it was probably a good four months of planning. Everything just fell into place all because I had great suppliers and an amazing support system in my family, friends, and of course, Ryan."

What were the challenges you encountered along the way?

"Like any other wedding, we encountered challenges in literally ALL aspects of the wedding. Believe me. It just makes me laugh when I think about how there was not one aspect of the wedding that went smoothly from the beginning. I think I was blessed, though, because there was no challenge or problem too big that didn’t have a solution right away. Like I said, everything just had a way of falling into place.

"I was also probably on such a high from the engagement and was just looking forward to the next chapter of my life with Ryan so much that all the problems seemed to be too tiny to stress about. Especially on the day of, even if some things didn't go as planned, it didn't matter."


What was the best part in preparing for your wedding?

"It’s hard to pick one specific part of the preparations because I really loved every minute of it!

"Being Maid of Honor to both my sister and cousin at their weddings have allowed me to really think about what I want for my own wedding when the time would come. So for my own wedding, I chose not to get a coordinator until the day of. I got to do things on my own and really get creative, but with the help of my husband and entourage, of course. I'm really so OC though so I made sure I was on top of everything.

"I really enjoyed designing my gown and each of the gowns of my entouragetaking inspiration from Pinterest and pictures of gowns that I saw online and seeing each of them come to life. Curating the entire event, making it just how I’d always envisioned it to be and still be as personal and meaningful, was also very fun. Having each of the suppliers be able to translate my vision into reality was so amazing to see! From the wedding invitations to the giveawayseverything was perfect.

"A major part of the preparation that was both so hilarious and so much fun, though, were the dance rehearsals for both me and Ryan and me and my father. I’d say we did our choreographer proud (even though Ryan and I forgot practically the entire dance routine on the day of. Hahaha)"


What tips can you share to brides-to-be when it comes to wedding planning?

"Figure out your wedding budget early on and STICK TO IT! Or better yet, find ways to spend lessyour husband will be the happiest about that! Haha

"For out-of-town weddings or if you have guests coming from overseas, I recommend making a website filled with all the information they might need. Guests will have many questions and you won’t have enough time to answer each one personally. You would be doing both your guests, and yourself, a favor by setting up a website.

"Limit your options. Pinterest is an endless pit of ideas. And as a bride who only wants the best, you will be the most indecisive if you keep on scrolling! It’ll just get overwhelming and you might never end up making a decision on your gown, motif, cake style, etc. Figure out your main style and narrow options from there.

"If you’re OC like me, you’ll want to get organized with checklists and spreadsheets. I had an 11-month timeline that I customized for myself so that I’d be able to stay on track even without a coordinator. I also had a main workbook on Excel for all things wedding-related like budget, supplier’s info, guest list, hotel/flight info of guests, program, etc.

"Involve your fiancé as much as possible. Sure, us girls will probably have a better idea of what colors, fonts, or flowers look better (Ryan has told me this countless of times whenever I’d ask for his opinion on things haha) but it’s no fun planning a wedding alone. It’ll make things more memorable and so much more fun too!

"Create a masterlist of entourage and important people with their names, pictures, and cellphone numbers. You’ll want to pass this on to your on-the-day coordinator so they don’t lose sight of them before the ceremony starts; give this to your photographer/videographer as well so that they know who they need to really capture on your wedding day. They’ll obviously try to get shots of everyone but with so many people at the event, it’s better if they know who to give priority to."


The Wedding Outfit

Tell us something about your gown and the designer you picked.

"I always had an idea of the cut and style I wanted for my gown. I wanted something romantic and sweet with a subtle sexiness to it. I tried on many gowns and never found the one. So I decided to pick my favorite elements from different dresses I’ve tried on or searched on Pinterest to create the wedding gown of my dreams. I didn’t think twice before reaching out to my designer Mich Araullo because I knew she’d be able to execute all that I had in mind perfectly. She’s talented and an absolute charm to work with. She has a great team behind her and always comes out with beautiful pieces.

"Before we started, Mich went on a buying trip for fabrics in Thailand and she sent me so many options but we both fell in love with the last one she saw. She purchased it and hand-carried it home for me! How lucky am I? She then started to work on the gown with the new fabric, and it was just so exciting to see our design unfold. I really couldn’t be happier with the gown she made for me! She even added elements of her own to really make the dress more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined."


Tell us something about your hair and makeup looks, and accessories.

"I wanted to keep things simple and classic. So for hair, I opted for a simple updo for the ceremony and a fun ponytail for the reception. My makeup was done by Mikka Marcaida, and she was an absolute wonder to work with. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable in her chair and has magic hands that transform you. I literally got only three hours of sleep the night before, and she made it look like the extra dark, overweight maletas I was carrying under my eyes were simply not there.

"Each of the accessories I wore were lent by someone special. The earrings were from my grandmother, my bracelet was from my mom, and my necklace was from one of my ninangs—something old and borrowed filled with so much meaning."


What are the highlights of the program?

"We wanted to keep the program fun and short. Guests come to eat and party after all! I wanted to make sure nothing dragged on too long and I think it was a success! I might be biased when I say this but each moment in the program was a highlight on its own! All the speeches were great and the dances, guests enjoyed. There was no shortage of laughter, tears, applause, and cheers! It was the perfect start to all the dancing and drinking that went on the rest of the night!

"What made the program more meaningful, too, was that it was our friends Ria and Joey who hosted it too. Vibe was very relaxed and fun."



Number of guests: 260

Church/Ceremony venue: St. Jude Thaddeus Parish, Bacolod City

Reception venue: My grandparents’ garden - Abello Residence

Date of wedding: November 30, 2019

Wedding coordinator: TAF Bespoke Events

Photographer: Hayag

Videographer: SKT Digital

Invitations/Printers: Kasali

Bridal gown designer: Mich Araullo

Entourage gown designer: Rosalyn Lagdameo

Florist: Fleur Art

Hosts: Ria Atayde and Joey Vargas

Entertainer/s: Lyrica String Quartet, Aire Band, DJ Leandro & The Patikeros

Church choir/music/band: St. Jude Youth Choir

Priest: Fr. Narciso De La Cruz

Giveaways: Shop Style Cat

Cake maker: Malu Del Rosario

Hair and makeup artist: Mikka Marcaida

Bridal shoe designer: Tish Sevilla

Gift registry: Amazon, Crate & Barrel

Photos courtesy of Erica Abello