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20 Classic, Modern, And Unique Instagram-Worthy Christmas Tree Inspirations

It's less than a month to go before Christmas! If you haven't put up your Christmas tree yet, you still have time to give your home that warm and stylish holiday feel. Come on, this only happens once a year, so exert some effort and dress up your home with this statement seaon-appropriate decor.

Whether you have a big or small space, a classic or playful taste, there are a lot of Christmas tree ideas to experiment with.

Here, we scoured Instagram for the chicest and coolest Christmas tree inspirations. If this gallery doesn't get you inspired to do some last-minute Christmas decor shopping, we don't know what else will. 


Photo from @allstylelife  

A winter-inspired tree is a classic choice. Decorate a white flocked tree with a generous mix of white and silver metallic accents, for a subtly dramatic result.


Photo from @balsamhillau

If setting up a traditional tree would eat up a lot of your space, then why not go for an unconventional, space-saving flat back tree?! Set majestically against a wall, it still has that full tree look from the front angle.


Photo from @balsamhillau 

Go for the extraordinary, and opt for an upside down tree. Its chandelier-like effect leaves a lot of room for experimentation. This is a sure conversation starter at your holiday party.


Photo from @caladreamhome

Nothing beats a traditional star tree topper; the one here perfectly complements the overall grandness of the tree. For a dose of the unexpected, opt for additional accents of Santa Claus figurines in gray and white clothing rather than the usual red and white. 


Photo from @caladreamhome

Add a playful and unique spin to a traditionally decorated tree with feather accents underscoring its bottom part.



Photo from @caladreamhome

Pops of red on a Christmas tree never go out of style. Style your tree with red Christmas balls and stars mixed with some golds, for an ultra-festive feel. Instead of a star tree topper, opt for Santa to be the highlight.


Photo from @hanas_home

For a lavishly decorated tree, go for big, bold accents, such as these huge white and silver Christmas balls and flowers. Balance them out with smaller decor scattered around and in between the big items. 


Photo from @homeandfabulous

A tree fit for a true fashionista—this one is a visual delight for its stylish and sophisticated mix of decor in millennial pink, gold, and black and white. Those gorgeously wrapped gift boxes under the tree luxe up its look.


Photo from @homeandfabulous

Bring the holiday feel to your bedroom with a cute wintery tree, decorated with classic metallic Christmas balls. This makes for a lovely bedside accent.


Photo from @homegoods

Cascading gold ribbon adds an element of sophisticated daintiness to this classically styled tree.


Photo from @kelleynan

Christmas lights make a big difference to the tree. These yellow lights complement the white tree perfectly and gives it a much-needed radiant effect. 


Photo from @memehillstudio 

This tree looks stunning with its eclectic decor; it is exploding with different colors and textures, but it manages to have a cohesive look. The snow-like accent on the base is a unique accent, too.


Photo from @memehillstudio

Don't limit your accents to Christmas balls, pine cones, and honeycomb paper balls. Be creative and throw in other cute and meaningful trinkets that will contribute to making your tree truly personal. 


Photo from @memehillstudio

Who said Christmas trees should only be in the living room? By all means, the bedroom can have a little fun with it as well. This white tree with predominantly pink accents is a perfect match to a girly girl.


Photo from @myhomebycamilla 

This sparsely decorated tree commands attention in this Scandinavian home. It was styled to be aligned with the palette of the interior through incorporating muted pink decor; that subtle shade of pink is also the dweller's color of choice for furnishings and accents.


Photo from @pinkhousehair 

Condo dwellers, here's a lovely idea! Since you have limited space, try putting a small tree on top a cabinet or drawer. This pink tree, in particular, is so striking it makes a fabulous Christmas statement. 


Photo from @thegrayhome

Winter dreams! This understatedly elegant tree blends beautifully with the home's gray interiors. So chic and classy!


Photo from @thismodernlife

Yuppies who are living on their own in condo units will absolutely love this idea of a tree made out of washi tape and other extremely cute details. It's not only space-saving, it's got a lot of character as well!


Photo from @trexinthecity 

Stuffed toys as Christmas tree decor? Yes please! Hang the stuffed toys and put them around the base of the tree. When kids come over your house, you can perhaps gift them by having them choose a stuffed toy from the tree. Pretty cool, right? 



Photo from

The tree has a melange of beautiful and stylish tree accents, and it's brimming with an elegantly festive feel. It adds a layer of modern and refined eclecticism to the Scandinavian interior.