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4 Cool DIY Holiday Decor


Mr. Snowman—made of carnations, ginger, carrots and berries—makes a charming centerpiece. Create Mr. Snowman out of fresh carnations. He will surely delight friends and family, and bring holiday cheer to your Christmas setting.



White carnations, floral foam, a pair of socks, a small carrot, berries, and barbecue sticks



1. Soak floral foam in water. Cut in two portions, the first to form the head, approximately 1/4 of the foam block, and the remaining half is for the body. Trim edges to form a circle.

2. Cut stems of carnations, leaving just enough to insert these into the foam (approximately an inch and a half of stem).

3. Insert each carnation into the foam until you are able to form perfectly shaped balls of flowers.

4. Use the barbecue stick as a peg to join together the head (small ball of flowers) to the body (big ball of flowers).

5. Once you have the shape of Mr. Snowman, you can start putting together the other elements to bring him to life. Use the carrot for the nose. Insert a barbecue stick on the base of the carrot so you can insert into the foam. The same goes for the berries that will be used for the eyes.

6. For Mr. Snowman’s cap, no need to cut the sock, just roll it up to the rounded portion and rest on the head.

7. For the scarf, cut the other sock lengthwise so it’s long enough to wrap and tie around the neck.

8. To help balance Mr. Snowman, surround him with ginger to form a base.



A chicken, symbolic of the season’s abundance, takes the stage amongst a bevy of natural greens and tree branches in this centerpiece that you can achieve at home.



- A few pieces of faux pine leaves

- 2 to up to 4 pieces of cut branches of a tree, uneven in height (1pc. 4-5 in. height and at least 2.5 in. diameter; 1pc. 6-7 in. height and at least 2.5 in. diameter; a third or fourth piece should be at least a 1/2in. Taller or shorter than any of the others

- A wooden bowl

- A figurine symbolic of the season, personal or otherwise

- Tea light candles

- School clay or glue gun



1. Position your “ logs” standing upright off center or to one side of the bowl within the vessel. One or two of them on the other side for balance.

2. Secure the bottom of the wood pieces with clay or glue gun. Arrange the pine leaves artfully around the standing “logs”. Take a step back if you must to get a better sense of how balanced your arrangement is so far.

3. When satisfied, position or in this case, perch the figurine on the edge of the front of the bowl like it would be found in a natural setting.

4. Place the tea light candles on top of each “log,” securing them with clay or glue gun to keep them in place.



This wreath of found textiles  offers lessons on crafting for the holidays and beyond. Create a welcoming Christmas wreath out of twisted fabric. Muted shades of copper and brass with shimmery threads of gold and bronze form a holiday sculpture.



- Fabric of your choice
- Wooden ring
- Glue gun



1. Cut strips of fabric (thickness and length will depend on diameter of your wreath), sew two strips together so that it looks like a sash.
2. Glue one end to the wooden ring and continue to wrap fabric around the ring twisting the fabric to create a ruched effect and continue twisting till each end meets and forms a perfectly round wreath.


Photographs by Paul del Rosario