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How To Make A White Wedding Palette Dramatic, According To Event Stylist Badang Rueda

Badang Rueda, event stylist to the likes of Heart Evangelista-Escudero and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, would be the first to admit that he fairly enjoys being in the middle. Considering he’s been in this industry for roughly 15 years now and even with his celebrity clientele, he’s not exorbitantly out of reach for everyday couples to get—he’s found his sweet spot in the industry.


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But mediocre is and never will be part of his vocabulary. In fact, according to industry insider Marbee Go, Badang is one of the best stylists when it comes to executing an all-white theme. Honed by years of tutelage under Marbee and his own trial-and-error experience, Badang takes an otherwise intimidating theme to a beautiful possibility.


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Why white?

Badang’s vignette—an all-white couple’s area complete with delicate table settings and cascades of white garlands and exquisite chandeliers—is breathtaking.

While the purest of all colors is usually reserved for the bride’s wedding gown, taking on an all-white wedding theme comes with a lot of advantages:


It will look timeless in photos and videos.

After the wedding, you will have your photos and videos to remember the occasion. And with such a timeless theme, whether you look at them 10 or 40 years from now, it will still look as beautiful as the first time you walked down the aisle.


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Same goes with your home—we’re sure there’s a ton of décor around the house that you can remember what decade you bought it in just by looking at it in seconds. That “futuristic” looking lamp is from the 90s, those photo frames were from the early 2000s. When you go for white, from plates to pieces of furniture, it remains undated.


It won’t clash with any other décor (or a wedding guest’s wardrobe choice)

While it’s slowly becoming the norm to be able to suggest to guests what colors to wear for your wedding, there will always be those handful of guests who will do otherwise, and throw off your whole look. Or, while you can style just about everything in a venue—literally from floor to ceiling, wall to wall—there will always be something that might clash with your chosen colors, like that patterned carpet of the hotel, or old-school electric fans in the church.


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When you opt for white, it simply goes with everything. It blends well with your existing home décor, at any dinner party you wish to throw, or any color your hotel walls might have as of the moment.


It’s simply dreamy

All couples want a memorable wedding, one that will be remembered by guests as one of the most beautiful weddings they’ve ever attended, and one that the couple will love to look back on. An all-white theme is like walking into a dream: a heaven and a haven. It’s delicate yet grand at the same time—just what the best dreams are made of.



Photos from @badangrueda


Get the look

A closer look at Badang’s vignette will show that the devil is in the details, that it takes more than collecting a bunch of the most beautiful white flowers and putting them all over the place. Badang talks to us about a few of his styling secrets:


1. Remove the greens.

In order to achieve a lush all-white look, Badang suggests to take out the leaves, because when you put the flowers together, the leaves create a break from the petals, making it a sea of white and green rather than just all white.



2. Mix high and low.

From a distance, guests won’t know the difference between roses, carnations, or lisianthus. The latter two are more affordable than roses, so you can purchase a lot. And if you’re allergic to the sweet smell of roses, carnations and lisianthus will give you the closest look without the allergies.


3. Go for textures.

The key to taking bouquets from great to gorgeous is by creating texture. If you’re creating a floral arrangement for the home, look for flowers and fillers that will create a 3D-like texture that will make for a more interesting, lush look. Mix your whites with fillers like the leaves from the stems, or even bunches of baby’s breath.



4. Learn from a professional.

When all else fails, learn from Badang’s work! It'll be worth what you paid for—and at the end of the day, all of Badang’s clients call him Mother—his warmth and love will be felt long after your "I Dos."


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Photographs by Paul Del Rosario and JC Inocian for Metro Society