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This 1,380-sqm Makati Events Space Turns Your Events From Ordinary To Extraordinary

So you're geared up and ready to go with the event you've been envisioning for the past month.

Your theme's in check, you and your event stylist have aligned goals, you've secured a caterer and entertainment, and all your PR material has gotten your stylish roster shifting in their seats in excitement for what you have in store for them, but alas, a venue is missing, and it's this that will either make or break the plans you've tirelessly poured over to bring to fruition. 

It's a tough situation to be in, and one that shouldn't happen anymore with the help of this not-so-secret, but exclusive, venue at Rockwell that was designed with these needs in mind. 


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A one-of-a-kind space for your exclusive events, only at #TheFifthAtRockwell! #CelebrateAtTheFifth

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Introducing The Fifth at Rockwell, a beautifully done events space nestled in Power Plant Mall's new wing that's quickly proving to be the venue of choice for all of the metro's glitziest socials and corporate events alike.

Designed with 1,380 square meters of a blank canvas ready to be outfitted with your choice of décor, The Fifth also features ambient lighting, breakout and dressing rooms with their own toilets, a lovely high ceiling, carpeted floors, neutral color palettes, lofty hallways, and uncluttered lines. 

Did we mention that The Fifth also has a roomy foyer that was made to be an elegant receiving area and pre-event cocktail area? Don't even get us started on the fully-equipped kitchen that's available for use, or The Fifth's most technologically advanced feature that's the only one of its kind in Southeast Asia: the biggest indoor panoramic LED backdrop composed of three screens combined, which makes for a stunning backdrop or AVP screen, depending on your needs.


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Welcome those days of festivities with #TheFifthAtRockwell! #CelebrateAtTheFifth

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Anticipating the merriment of your celebrations at #TheFifthAtRockwell! #CelebrateAtTheFifth

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It's seriously the most dependable venue party goers (and planners) will want to experience in 2019 and beyond, and given The Fifth's shining track record of clients that it's reached out since its 2018 launch, rest assured that all will go well—no, perfectly—when you choose The Fifth at Rockwell to host your special occasions.


Check out some of the most memorable events The Fifth has housed, so far, below!


Bazaars and shopping events

Space is the name of the game when you're talking multiple vendors with all sorts of setups displaying varying kinds (and sizes) of products. It's never a good thing to worry about whether a booth can accommodate one's goods and if the venue doors can even fit them in the first place! Fortunately at The Fifth, its designers are privy to the needs of seasoned bazaar participants and attendees and prepared for this beforehand. Sellers won't ever be elbow to elbow with their neighbors and can easily execute their spot's production design (as well as give allowances for inventory storage and sitting room). 


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Business conferences and workshops

A venue won't always be sought by clients planning to throw big, flamboyant, colorful parties. Sometimes, companies need them to for business events where their needs are more purposeful and straightforward. Well, at The Fifth, organizers behind events like these need not look further. Its LED screen was literally built for presentors to communicate with their audiences better, neutral color schemes designed as such to provide a distraction-free environment, accessibility prioritized to guard against tardiness, and spacious room area built to give listeners the opportunity to absorb information, sans seatmate claustrophobia. Breakout rooms for mini-meetings are likewise available. 


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Fashion shows and other branded events

When luxury labels of any sort are in the conversation, The Fifth is where you should bring their events to. It's important to set the impression of inventiveness and being "the first" in the game, and what better way to do so than mounting a special occasion in a brand-new venue that caters to Manila's well-heeled. Fashion shows, car exhibits, company Christmas parties, product launches, as well as indoor concerts and by-invitation auctions have all been held here also because The Fifth allows brands to take center stage; product placement, branding, and stage setups are made easy for organizers. The 15th Metrowear show, featuring the youngest Metrowear icon yet, Vania Romoff, was held at The Fifth last November. 


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Company milestones and anniversaries are best celebrated as a team! #TheFifthAtRockwell #CelebrateAtTheFifth

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Birthday parties, debuts, anniversaries, receptions, and other stylish soirees

The winning quality in events like these are versatility and logistical convenience, both of which The Fifth has, without question. Celebrators and other VVIPs are always on the lookout for places where they can be free to watch their visions come to life (a party element that's always very personal and full of meaning for a client), so it's crucial to afford them a space that allows this privilege with little to no barriers, while of course, still guaranteeing feasibility and, overall, a smooth-sailing flow on the special day itself. 


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Joyful occasions in comfort and convenience at #TheFifthAtRockwell! #CelebrateAtTheFifth

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A fully equipped kitchen at #TheFifthAtRockwell to serve your mouthwatering entrées. #CelebrateAtTheFifth

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Photos courtesy of The Fifth at Rockwell