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How To Plan An Amazing Kiddie Party Even Adults Will Enjoy And Remember, According To Niceprint's Charisse Tinio

Holding big, lavish parties complete with oversized and over-the-top props and setups is a trend today. If before, a child only usually gets to have a party when he turns one or seven (then, if it's a girl, later on when she's 18), these days, there are people who celebrate every year. We can't blame them—party planning is fun!

One woman who truly enjoys party planning is Charisse Tinio, the lady boss behind the popular NicePrint Photography. With the nature of their business, Charisse gets to see how events are put together as well as the trends and tricks for making parties and gatherings that guests will surely gush over. 

Now, when it comes to her own son's 7th birthday party, you certainly cannot expect less from her. With her love for all things grand, their chosen theme for this milestone in her son Vito's life is The Greatest Showman. The vibrance and the upbeat energy of a circus theme are often preferred for kiddie parties, but for Charisse, there's always another angle, another perspective, and another treatment that can be taken.



The inspiration that comes from the 2017 American musical film directed by Michael Gracey and topbilled by Hugh Jackman is not only applied design-wise, it carries over to the rest of the party—yes, even the program!

"We chose The Greatest Showman theme because when we watched it as a family, we all fell in love with the movie most especially the songs! I thought having this theme would be close to the heart of not only the kids but even the parents—aside from the fact that the theme is so colourful and magical!" Charisse shares. 



Here, Charisse talks more about this amazing kiddie celebration, and shares some tips for party planning:


Where was this party held?

Decagon. We chose it because it is the only venue with a big space that’s round in orientation. I wanted to really have the feel that guests would come into a real circus!


When did you start planning for this party?

I started planning as early as February, then heavy planning by April.

I truly enjoy party planning. I do it for my friends, family members and clients alike, what more for my own kids?! So I really take time to plan ahead. I research carefully and brainstorm with my staff from Niceprint, Print Divas, and Knotville on how to come up with a great party that everyone will enjoy.




What are the highlights of the program?

Highlight definitely were the beautiful, awesome shows. We had a 30-minute full production show of professional singers and dancers performing all The Greatest Showman songs. We even had acrobats who did some aerial dance. But best of all, Vito danced with his best friends and cousins, and at the end of the dance, he was lifted with a harness up in the air. That was awesome!

From the guests who attended, they also said that the food was amazing, catered by my good friend in the wedding industry Juan Carlo the Caterer. He really prepared such a good spread and even had a chocolate strawberry tree being rolled around the venue for guests to pick fresh strawberries from. Just wow!

Guests loved the decor, too, by Party Station. We had giant circus animals around the round stage. The whole setup, too, was highlighted with the beautiful lights of LST Lights and Sounds.


One of the most attention-grabbing details at the event was the massive cake. Can you share some details about it?

Oh, the cake was simply beautiful. It was so grand and huge. It’s a whole circus complete with all the details made into one huge cake. The cake was intricately made by Honeyglaze cakes. It’s about 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide.



For themed parties like yours, where do you recommend people go to for tailor-made costumes?

I source my kids’ costumes from abroad. In Manila, I have them made by Bumbblebee Ph; they have been making my kids’ costumes for years.


What pieces of advice can you share to parents when it comes to planning their kids' parties?

1. Prepare early! Planning ahead would not only give you ample time to prepare, come up with great ideas but also save you a lot of money since you have time to canvass around for the best value-for-money suppliers. 

2. Always remember that a kiddie party is primarily for our kids and not for us parents. We have to take to heart that when we plan it, we bring them into the planning and hear their thoughts (that is, of course, for 3-year-old kids and above since they can already tell you what they like), and always make it an event that will make your child happy! After all, seeing a smile on our child’s face is the most priceless reward for us parents. 

3. Make sure the food is good. Guests will always remember the food that they ate and how happy they were when their tummies were full.

4. Lastly, I am the sentimental type of mom so I really want to be able to capture every part of the party. So it’s important to get a photo video company you can trust to document those special moments very well. I am not speaking about this because I am the owner of Niceprint Photo Company. I am speaking as a mother who just really wants to capture those once-in-a-lifetime events that I can cherish forever.