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Inside Maggie Wilson’s Home All Decked-Out For Christmas

Fresh from her Antarctic Ice Marathon feat, Maggie Wilson welcomes the Metro.Style team into her chic home that's all decked-out for Christmas.


When it comes to celebrating Christmas, expect nothing less than the most stylish ideas from the perennially chic Maggie Wilson. Christmas this year will be a little bit more special to her and her family, what with her being the first Filipina to finish the Antarctic Ice Marathon (her husband, businessman Victor Consunji, also happens to be the first Filipino finisher in the North Pole Marathon last year).

Coming from this amazing feat, Metro.Style visited Maggie in her home, to chat about her one-of-a-kind experience during the marathon and how she’s celebrating this Christmas.


Something Old and New

Stylishly garbed in a dressy red and white striped robe, with her hair curled to messy perfection, Maggie regaled the team with the funny story about how her mom told her their Christmas tree looks “tired.”


Maggie looks stylish even when she's at home!


“So, I came home from Antarctica and my mom said, ‘I think we should buy a new tree.’ I’m like, ‘Why?!’ Our old tree’s fine. She said it’s looking a bit tired. I’m like, ‘Tired?!’ And then I looked at it, and I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re right,’” Maggie shares. “’Cause if you look at some of the décor, it looks tired, it looks old. So, I bought a new tree, but I mean, sayang, so we’re gonna have two Christmas trees this year.”


Their old, gray Christmas tree, according to Maggie's mom, looks "tired." So, Maggie bought a new one in green, which adorns their home's guest room. 


At the time of this shoot and interview, Maggie is yet to put up her new Christmas tree. She has planned to place it on their guest room, where they will hold their annual Christmas Day dinner with family and friends. How does it look? She says, “It’s about seven feet. About the same height, I think, maybe slightly taller [than the old tree]. And it’s not gray, it’s green—proper Christmas tree green. But the tips will have little bits of snow, so it’s cute. And then there are acorns on it as well.”

Their old Christmas tree may look “tired” in a sense, but it still looks festive. Under and around it are beautifully wrapped gift boxes meant to be given to their family and friends.


Christmas stockings for Daddy Victor, Mommy Maggie, and little Connor


The most noticeable of all is Maggie and Victor’s gift for their son, Connor. Of course, their press release will be that it was a gift from Santa. “I think I was about seven or eight when I discovered that Santa wasn’t real. But Connor, you know, he still believes in Santa and I love that. So obviously, we buy the gift but to Connor, it’s from Santa,” Maggie shares. “The thing is, we don’t buy Connor gifts or stuff throughout the year. I don’t buy him any toys unless it’s Christmas or his birthday, so we spoil him a little bit during Christmas.”


Christmas Traditions

All of Connor’s gifts will be left under this old Christmas tree where they usually do the opening of gifts, while the rest will be placed under the new Christmas tree upstairs. She shares, “We open our gifts on Christmas morning. I know here in the Philippines, noche buena is huge, but because I grew up in Saudi Arabia, my dad is Scottish, what we really celebrate is Christmas morning.”


Their pet parrot passed away, but they kept the cage and Maggie's mother-in-law decided to decorate it for Christmas. What a unique idea!


Apart from this tradition, they also have Christmas menu items that are staples every year: “My husband makes a really good roast, like roast steak, so we have that every year and then I make mean potato salad. I also bake an apple cinnamon, well, it’s a cake, but now we make it muffin style, so it’s easier to eat; my friends look forward to it every year. I also make maple walnut ice cream from scratch, and we pair that with the apple cinnamon cake.”


During the shoot, Maggie was accompanied by her furry babies, her cat, Casper, and her dog, Kravitz.



Interview and photographs by Julia Arenas