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This Elegant Mansion Is The Next ‘It’ Wedding Destination In The City

Once upon a time, a businessman named Isidoro Buenviaje Liamzon gifted his wife, Ma. Milagros Manahan Liamzon for their 35th wedding anniversary. It was a gift he hoped would keep on giving—a two-storey, five-bedroom, mid-century classical revival mansion complete with sprawling gardens and dramatic trappings like a spiral staircase and a watch tower. They aptly christened it Villa Milagros.


Andrea Liamzon, Francisco ‘Chito’ Liamzon, and Ma. Antonia ‘Maya’ Liamzon


The mansion was a home away from home for the couple and their 11 children, and later their 34 grandchildren. The last of whom I met just yesterday, Andrea Liamzon. She is the youngest daughter of Francisco and Ma. Antonia Liamzon, and is also the Managing Director of the Villa now.


Sitting room with memory wall


As we were walking inside the lovely ancestral rest house, she started to talk about its history and the memories she had of the house. She led us to a sitting room where photographs were hung on the wall. They were of her grandparents and other first generation Liamzons.


Sitting area


The way she talked about the place, you can tell she was both proud and nostalgic. She mentions a personal memory of her and her lola picking macopas in one of the gardens. She points towards Delia’s Garden, which is the front lawn, named after the first sister of her dad.


Delia’s Garden


She goes on to mention that other areas of the villa were named after each sister. There’s Cristina’s Garden, Sanse’s Garden, Zeny’s Room, Sonia’s Room, Corazon’s Room, Norma’s Room, and the Milagros Suite.


Back of Villa Milagros, Cristina’s Garden in partial view


Milagros suite



The headboard in the Milagros Suite is still the original.


Corazon’s Room


In 2015, Villa Milagros underwent a major restoration. An exterior walkway was built around the mansion to provide a path to appreciate the unique façade and gardens. The driveway was refurbished to highlight the mirador tower.



Custom-made Machuca tiles replaced the old concrete flooring of the portico. The main hallway was spruced up with a new marble medallion that mirrors the lobby’s oval shape.




Marble staircase


The villa’s old pavilion was also made into The North Wing, the six-meter ceilinged banquet hall that looks and feels like the mansion. Fronting The North Wing used to be a pool, but they had to make sacrifices to make the design work, so they decided to make it into a garden instead, Sanse’s Garden.


The North Wing, Sanse’s Garden in view


The North Wing Hall


Tita Maya, as she insisted to be called, told me that for some time after the grandma passed away, the villa was closed. Nobody came to visit, and none of the siblings wanted to restore it. Yet. Until their family decided they wanted to renovate the place and open it to the public as an events venue.

Andrea says, “We wish to share with people the beauty and soul of our family home. Our sprawling venue provides the perfect setting not only for weddings and events, but also for themed shoots and media features. We would be more than happy to host their next special event or milestone.”


Banquets by VS&F setting in the Liamzon hall


Veronica Liamzon, in-house event stylist (Project Events MNL) for Banquet VS&F


In keeping with their mission to “create timeless memories” for their guests, Villa Milagros works with caterer Banquets by VS&F to bring exquisite meals that go perfectly with the picturesque setting. Villa Milagros is open to working with other caterers as well. The combination of a charming family tradition and romantic environment, coupled with great food and personalized service, has made Villa Milagros a top choice for pre-nup pictorials, weddings, and celebrations.

Mr. Isidoro Liamzon’s gift to his beloved Milagros has now become a gift to the world: a beloved event venue where one can make their own memorable moments.


Villa Milagros is located at Community Village, Brgy Manggahan, Rodriguez, Rizal. For more information, check out and, or call +639176790109 or email


Photographs by Chris Clemente