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Power Plant Mall’s Holiday Makeover Aims To Make Mall-Goers Feel Right At Home

For several years city-dwelling shoppers have been moved and inspired by the anticipated dressing up of Power Plant Mall at Rockwell for Christmastime.  With an interior spread of sparkly lights, garlands, and other décor the mall takes on a cozy, prosperous, and hopeful vibe come ‘Ber season.  For 2017 the well-loved family mall’s holiday makeover is no exception.  The fact that the place makes you observe and stare before proceeding to stores speaks for itself.


We had a chance to ask Rockwell’s Power Plant Design team regarding the mall’s “change in attire”.  From every corner it seems there is no lack of greenery and sparkly fairy lights.  Rockwell’s Lisa H. Gomez, Senior Leasing and Marketing Manager for Retail pointed out “Unlike in the previous years, we don't have anything hanging from the ceiling this year but we have a huge Christmas tree at the center of the Mall.”



“Every year, we try to incorporate something new that will wow our shoppers, and this year, we decided to have this huge Christmas tree which is seen from the Concourse level, up to the highest level of Power Plant Mall,” Lisa explains, “Its branches are made of garlands and its bark is real. It has become our shopper's favorite photo spot.”

The looming Christmas tree’s grand size in a sense is somewhat reminiscent of everyone’s tender years.  You know how after growing up you return to places where you used to spend time as a child and everything seems way too small now compared to before?  The world always seems so much bigger for children.  There’s nothing like having something way bigger than you, like Power Plant’s tree for instance, to help bring back that childhood nostalgia.

There are also singing animatronic animals situated around various areas of the mall.  The giant giraffe is one more reason you might suddenly feel young all over again.  The design team chose to go with a safari theme for the wildlife.


Lisa Gomez shares that everything set up is all for family enjoyment “Our Christmas decorations and our Christmas events and activities have always been focused on families, kids, and kids-at-heart. We try to make sure that every corner of the mall is a photo-worthy spot; the big trees, singing animals, Santa's chair are the most popular areas.”


“Our theme for 2017 is still traditional but new. The decor theme is predominantly green, red, gold and silver. We want to make shoppers feel the warmth of home as soon as they step into the Mall.”  Rockwell’s design team annually pull all the stops to ensure that Power Plant provides a grand yet still homey feel during Christmas.  “We try to reinvent the details and decor location. We want to keep the traditional decorations that we started using since our first Christmas but also add some new elements to it.”

Shot on location at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati

Photography by Julia Arenas

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