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How Does Your Bridal Registry Compare To Priyanka Chopra's? Hers Is Super Eclectic!

While most women expect to receive elegant dinnerware, practical things for the home, or matching he-and-she sets at their weddings, Priyanka Chopra's registry includes a raincoat for her canine friends, roller skates, and a vintage record player.

If there's anything her Mrs. wishlist indicates, she's off to an interesting start to married life!



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In the few days leading up to her nuptials, the soon-to-be-wife of former Disney talent Nick Jonas shared her wedding registry with her guests. And being the internationally recognized star that Priyanka Chopra is, of course, some pretty hardcore sleuths got a hold of some of the more, shall we say, interesting items on her list. 


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The registry composed of a mix of traditional and unconventional wedding gifts (which can be purchased on Amazon) included anything from new tech to workout gear, sophisticated entertainment essentials to novelty items reminiscent of her childhood—and then some. Even her more expected choices—like things for her dining area and kitchen—were attention-grabbing and prompted us to do a little research on them ourselves out of curiosity!


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As an Indian-American woman, Priyanka's choice of sharing a registry with her guests is a manifestation of her western influences; it's uncommon for traditional Indian brides to do the same, but with a guest list that's sure to be made up of a mix of friends from different parts of the world thoroughly exposed to other cultures, we're sure that it'll pose no issue at all.  

Here's a quick preview of what the Holly and Bollywood talent wants for her big day: 


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Levoit air purifier

Because her new home as a married woman needs to be well-ventilated aside from being neat and beautiful, right?



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Amazon Echo Look

This is definitely one of the more futuristic things on this registry. The Echo Look takes pictures of your outfits, picks the better one, and is capable of suggesting what other items to match it with to improve your overall look. It's essential for a style icon like Priyanka. 




Schott Zwiesel Burgundy

She's a woman who's tasted the best that life can offer—which makes it unsurprising that Priyanka has picked out a glassware brand most commonly found in five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants to use in her own home. 



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Ellie Dogwear raincoat

It's common knowledge that this 36-year-old adores her doggy BFF, Diana. This pup, like her mommy, is meant to be treated like absolute royalty, even when it comes to her wardrobe. 




Yeti cooler

Priyanka's not just a home buddy; she loves the outdoors, too! To make sure that her trips to the beach, mountainside, winter lodge or summer cabana are always well-stocked with edible goodies that maintain their temperatures until a destination is reached, she's chosen cult classic coolers by Yeti. 



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Vitamix blender

This actress doesn't look as great as she does without exerting some effort, including the choice to eat healthy. Enter her choice of the Vitamix Blender (a kitchen product that many Filipinos have also come to love and trust), a multi-purpose blender that can whip up smoothies, blended yogurt bowls, desserts, and even homemade almond butter and healthy alternatives to ice cream and yogurt. 



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Tumi luggage

Travel is part and parcel of this bride's life. She works in the US, has family in India, frequents many countries in Europe to visit friends or for projects, and she's also a UNICEF supporter, a role that sometimes brings her to lands far, far away from home. She definitely needs a sturdy yet stylish set of luggage to get her through her globetrotting lifestyle.



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Mepra SpA utensils

They're a practical item on the list, but that's not to say that they're without flair. This utensil set comes in lots of stylish finishes, including pewter, dusty gold, and nero black. (Imagine using them to enjoy a homecooked meal by a Jonas Brother, just for you). 



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Priyanka's complete registry is actually available for viewing on Amazon, likely for the purpose of giving her guests an easier time to pick out their choices and take care of delivery details. 

The big reveal of her wedding wishlist isn't the only thing that's being talked about, though; her wedding date has been revealed! These lovebirds are reportedly tying the knot on December 2 (their traditional Indian ceremony will come first), and then on December 3 (to honor Nick's faith, a Christian wedding will also be held). 


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Aside from the excitement that comes with seeing who's attending and what everyone will be wearing, there's also the buzz about the bride's outfits. Right now, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, a 32-year-strong India-based fashion power house, is said to be desiging her traditional bridal look, while Ralph Lauren will be behind the wheel for her second wedding ensemble. 

And so, the official countdown for the Jonas-Chopra nuptials begins!


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