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#RealWeddings: This Couple Had A "Star Wars" Wedding Inside A Century-Old Mansion!

Opposites attract, or so they say.

For attorneys Tim and Jer, no truer words were spoken. Tim works in the government, while Jer works for a private company. She prefers reading non-fiction books, he loves fiction. She's vegan, he can't live without chicken.

"My husband and I have totally different tastes when it comes to a lot of things," Tim tells Metro.Style—but if there's one thing the couple agrees on, it's Star Wars. "I was the first one who brought it up, and he agreed to do it, so we ended up having a rustic, romantic Star Wars wedding!"

From having Darth Vader's Imperial March on full blast during the bridal procession, to witnessing the beautiful bride walk down the aisle holding a chewbacca-embedded bouquet, Tim and Jer made sure to hold an authentic ceremony that was truly, authentically them. Even the first (vegan) cake they ate together as Mr. & Mrs. was inspired by the iconic Millennium Falcon!




If you think the couple's wedding theme was unique, you'd be amazed at where they chose to exchange "I dos"—in front of a 100-year-old mansion in Talisay, Negros Occidental. "I was born and raised in Negros Occidental, so getting married there was [an obvious choice]," Tim shared. "Even before I met Jer, and way before The Ruins became a popular venue, it had always been my dream to get married there. I love how it represents so much of Negros' history—and I wanted a place where our guests can relax, roam around, and just enjoy the ambience." 



After the beautiful wedding ceremony, the couple invited their guests to enjoy cocktails before the reception. Inside the century-old mansion were rows and rows of authentic Bacolod delicacies!

"Since the wedding was in Negros, we wanted to feature what the island had to offer—the people, the places, and of course, the food," explained Tim. "When people hear 'Bacolod,' they usually just think of one cake brand, or one piaya brand—but there are others which are not popular but are just as good, if not better! So we made sure our guests were able to taste fresh Sugarlandia piaya, Felicia's sansrival, Mimi's napoleones, Vita's butterscotch, 21's chocolate cake, and Bob's rhum cake."


Sugarcane margaritas and fresh piaya were served during the cocktails



The fun celebration hosted 250 guests—but despite the huge number, Tim and Jer believe that their wedding was truly intimate. "Our initial guest list was actually 350, but only about 250 people confirmed—which was a blessing in disguise. HAHA! The truth is, it was so difficult to decide on the number as we have so many close friends. However, we wanted the most important people in our lives to celebrate with us. Though we had more than 200 people in that wedding, we really did have a close relationship with each of them. So the wedding was not small, but it was definitely intimate."



If you're thinking of a holding a Star Wars-themed wedding as well, scroll ahead to score tips and inspiration from Tim!


About the couple

How did you and your husband meet?

"According to Jer, we met more than ten years ago during the bar operations at Century Park Hotel. However, I could not remember him at all. Fast forward to February 2018, my boss was a speaker at an event at Marriott, and Jer was there to listen to another speaker. He accidentally ended up sitting at the table I was in. After the event, he approached me and introduced himself. The next week, he asked me out." 


How long have you two been together?

"We were together for 10 months when we got married."  


What do you enjoy doing together?

"We both like to discuss the things we learned. Our favorite topic is energy. We also both like to read, and watch movies and series."



Preparing for the wedding

Why did you choose a burgundy, green, and nude palette for your theme?

"We decided on that palette since we wanted a rustic romantic theme which would fit the venue." 


Why did you choose to have an unplugged / no-social media ceremony?

"We really wanted everyone to focus and enjoy the celebration, and not be distracted with documenting it. Sometimes, when we're busy getting that perfect shot, we miss out on the perfect moment we're experiencing." 


How long did you prepare for the wedding?

"Jer proposed to me last week of August, so we had five months to prepare for the wedding." 


What were the challenges you encountered along the way?

"The main challenge was planning the wedding in Bacolod during the busiest season in our respective jobs in Manila. Thank goodness for technology! A lot of our discussions and interaction with suppliers were over the phone. Most of our payments were also done online!"


What was the best part in preparing for your wedding?

"Growing together as a couple, and in our respective relationships with God. The wedding preparations taught us to be more loving, forgiving, and patient."  


What is your tip for future brides and grooms who want to have a destination wedding?

"Maximize technology and maximize your free time. You can now find almost everything online (of course, with a caveat that you need to verify people's credibility and quality of work). You can also do the majority of wedding planning online, except for things that would need actual presence such as trial makeup, food tasting, and the suppliers' meeting a few days before the wedding. We also squeezed in wedding planning in between errands, and whenever we were in Bacolod, we would schedule as many meetings as we can."



The Wedding Day

Tell us something about your wedding gown and tiara. Why did you decide on this beautiful outfit?

"I wanted a gown that suited my personality. As much as I love looking at fully embellished gowns, I knew that I would feel best in a minimalist wedding gown. I love wearing long sleeves and I love pockets, so we incorporated these two things in the gown. Since the gown would be so plain, I thought that the accessories can provide the 'sparkle' for the entire look thus the tiara."    



What were all the Star Wars-related details in the ceremony and reception?

1. Our invitations featured a stormtrooper in a barong and Captain Phasma in a dress.

2. My bouquet had Chewbacca on it. 

3. Jer wore Star Wars socks. 

4. The thank you cards had a Millennium Falcon and the iconic "may the force be with you" on them.

5. The march for the groom and the entourage was "A New Hope," while a part of my bridal march was "Darth Vader's Imperial March." 

6. When we kissed during the ceremony, "Han Solo and the Princess" was playing. 

7. The playlist during the cocktails was also a Star Wars playlist.

8. Our wedding cake had a Millennium Falcon crashed into it. 

9. Lastly, the tables were named after planets in the Star Wars universe.  



You used a sand jar in lieu of union candles. Why did you decide to do this?

"We wanted to have a keepsake after the wedding—something we can keep and display in our home which symbolizes the coming together of two people. A jar full of sand is exactly that—when you mix sand, you can't distinguish which is which, and you can't separate one from the other anymore. Also, it was a practical decision over candles since the wedding was outdoors."  



Date of wedding: February 9, 2019

Pastor: Bishop Manny Carlos

Wedding Coordinator: Tin Panes of Simply Special Weddings and Events

Photographer: Christine Magallanes of CM Photography

Videographer: Amady by Mayad

Invitations: Aletheia de Guzman 

Bridal gown designer: Emil Ocampo

Groom's barong designer: King Phillip 

Matron of honor and mother of bride gown designer: Kat Padilla Atelier

Hair and makeup: Carlos Durana

Event stylist: Janet Loyola of Khaya's Weddings and Event Styling

Cake designer: Tiffany's Confections 

DJ/Entertainment: DJ Armando Armas; Roger, the tour guide of the Ruins; and the Talisay Drumbeaters

Giveaways: Mini abanikos from Krigkrafts

Wedding hashtags: #teamsawit and #timsawit

Other wedding details: We did not have a traditional entourage (we only had matron of honor, best man, and principal sponsors). We removed most of the traditional parts of the wedding (veil, cord, candle, etc) and the reception (mother-son and father-daughter dance, single games, etc). We honored our parents during the wedding ceremony. 


Photos courtesy of Tim and Jer Sawit, photographs taken by Christine Magallanes of CM Photography