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IN PHOTOS: See How These Bridal Suppliers Brought Their Dream Wedding To Life

In making sure your most special day is perfect, wedding suppliers are hired to lend their expertise in creating the look and the overall vibe you want to achieve for your Big Day. The bride and groom employ the expertise of a photographer, a videographer, a wedding planner, a caterer, a venue, a designer, a florist/stylist, a cake maker, and even a glam team. Some couples search far and wide for the perfect supplier for a particular job, exploring bridal fairs, meeting recommended people from wedding planners, or even doing test shoots to make sure a particular supplier works.


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On the other hand, while couples ultimately have the final say when it comes to who to hire for a particular job, the wedding suppliers' job is to inject their own unique take on a couple's vision, working in sync with all the other suppliers hired to help bring a dream wedding to life. 

But what happens when a group of wedding suppliers come together to create their own dream wedding? No instructions, no mood board, no trend to follow? The result is a beautiful harmony and a meeting of like-minded individuals hoping to bring across a "wedding" that's just right.



Thus is the result of the collaboration between some of the top wedding suppliers in Manila, namely Jason Magbanua for video, Jaja Samaniego for photography, Pat Pastelero of Spruce Floral Designs, Joyce Urieta of The Delightful Miss Joyce cakes, Vera Wang Manila and Rosa Clará for wedding couture, Balay Dako by Antonio's in Tagaytay for the wedding venue, and Precious Medina-Antunez for makeup and hair. The group worked their magic on model Maiqui Pineda, who perfectly embodied the "Just Right" bride. 

Allow us to grace your screens with the beautiful photos from the said collaboration, and be sure to stay and scroll till the end for another one of Jason Magbanua's video creations. Enjoy!



And here, we were able to chat with the group's resident set stylist/florist, Pat Pastelero of Spruce Floral Designs to tell us about what she loves most about her job, and what wedding trends she foresees for the rest of 2019. 


What's the best part of your job?   

The best part of my job is seeing how happy everyone is on the actual day of the wedding. I've always felt that weddings are about families coming together. I, therefore, always think about creating an environment that evokes a sense of intimacy, togetherness, and warmth.  This is the foundation of my philosophy and approach, and has become an integral part of how I plan and design an event.  

Of course, given weddings in the Philippines can range from 100-1000pax, it is a continuous challenge to create that sense of intimacy. It is always worth the challenge though when I see that the families & friends are enjoying themselves in the setting that was carefully planned out for them.


What do you love most about working with couples?

I love working closely with couple's to create affairs that are personally tailored.  Each wedding is as unique as the couple, and working with them to define their personal style is a journey that I enjoy.  I like working with them develop their vision to ensure that that their wedding authentically reflects them as a couple.


What is one piece of advice you would tell yourself when you were still starting out in the industry?

If I could tell myself one thing, it would be to constantly change and adapt.  Things move so much more quickly now and it's very easy to get left behind.


What trends do you foresee for the rest of 2019?

I see a continued trend towards a tropical/colonial look. I also see a trend towards a more raw look - NOT rustic - but organic. For color, white has dominated for quite sometime and will probably continue but, I see a slow move towards nudes and neutrals for a warmer feel. 


What are couples asking for more of this year?

The one thing I love that couples have been doing is planning to have their weddings in the morning or lunch time. I love it! It's refreshing! I can think about venues I've worked in countless times in a whole new way.

What trends should take a backseat for now?

It seems to be trendy for couples to have "Instagrammable" weddings. And it's unfortunate when all focus is on making everything "ig worthy" rather than the comfort and experience of the guests.


Check out Jason Magbanua's "Just Right" video below:

Photography Jaja Samaniego
Video Jason Magbanua
Styling Spruce Floral Designs by Pat Pastelero
Cakes by Joyce Urieta of The Delightful Miss Joyce
Venue Balay Dako by Antonio's, Tagaytay
Makeup Precious Medina-Antunez
Couture Vera Wang & Rosa Clará 

Bride Maiqui Pineda