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EXCLUSIVE: The Wedding Album Of Ginger Conejero And Bruno Saab, Plus All The Details On The Tropical Nuptials—Straight From The Bride

On July 15, former beauty queen and ABS-CBN reporter Ginger Conejero surprised her Instagram followers with a post where she wrote, "We’ve kept it private and soaked it up with our families long enough - now it’s time to share," followed by a ring emoji. The post features a photo of her hand against a view of a beach—a big and sparkly engagement ring sitting on her finger; the next photo shows a beautiful, makeup-free Ginger with the love of her life, Bruno Saab, while clearly enjoying a wonderful time at The Kahala Hotel & Resort in Hawaii.



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In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Ginger Conejero shared that the proposal took place in Waikiki while she and Bruno were in the middle of lunch. She narrates, "I was on the phone with work, and when I turned around to finish packing up our little picnic, he was teary-eyed and down on one knee! He met with my parents before the proposal and asked them for their blessing. I was still shocked when he did propose though, even if the reporter in me had a feeling he was up to something. I guess the very moment itself naturally catches you off-guard."

Ginger and Bruno—who were schoolmates in high school at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco—preferred to revel in newly engaged bliss, before sharing the news. Showered with so much love, congratulatory messages, and well wishes after she announced her engagement, Ginger emerged on our social media feeds not long after, on August 5, stunning in a minimalist wedding gown and glowing from within beside her dashing groom.

The gorgeous US-born Ginger now shares her life with Bruno, who is Brazilian-American; his father is Lebanese-Brazilian while his mother is Italian-French-Brazilian. Now, imagine how beautiful their future kids will be! 


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While duty calls, and this award-winning host is now back to work, she is still very much basking in newly wedded bliss, excited about what the future holds for her and her husband. Just a couple of days after her wedding, Ginger gladly shared with Metro.Style all the details of her and Bruno's love story and their intimate wedding held at Most Holy Rosary Chapel in Marin County, San Francisco that was followed by a reception at the courtyard right next to the chapel. Read on.



Photos courtesy of Nice Print


What was your first impression of Bruno?

I remember seeing Bruno around campus and thinking he was attractive, not just because of his looks but there was something so kind about his smile. He was our school’s soccer star, meaning he was popular, and I...was not. Lol. I had many friends during the school days but my parents were so strict, I was not allowed to party or sleepover at my friends’. So I didn’t get to go out or get to know Bruno outside of casually seeing him in the hallways. Nonetheless, I always thought there was something special about him.

Between my high school girl friend and I, I joked around that I would one day own a Saab (a Swedish car that was around until 2012) or go on a date with Bruno Saab. I guess God heard my joke, and exceeded my wish with a much better option. 




Please describe him. What do you like most about him?

He is very loving, loyal and trustworthy. Anyone who gets to know him can attest to that. He also motivates and supports me in everything I do and he literally makes me want to be the best version of myself. He’s also great in the kitchen!




What are the things that you share in common?

We share a deep love for our families and enjoy spending time with them. 

We love to travel together and learn all there is about different places. We have a love for culture, food and languages…oh, and sports. We are such fans of all Bay Area teams. You can most likely find us at a neighborhood bar watching games, eating and drinking.



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What theme did you want to go for the wedding?

We went for a "tropical love" theme because we felt it fit both of our heritage. We wanted it to be colorful, simple and fun, but still elegant. Tia Marcia (Bruno’s aunt) did an amazing job with the arrangements that really tied the theme and the reception together.




How many guests did you have?

We kept it very small, around 80 guests, which really just meant our family members. We both come from big families so we decided to keep it intimate with just family members. However, we plan on celebrating both in the Philippines and in Brazil with the rest of our family and friends who couldn’t make it. 



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Let's talk about the gown. Why choose a Vera Wang piece, and why that particular cut or silhouette?

Looking for a gown was an experience I really wanted to share with my mom. My mom and I have always shopped together, and this special occasion would be no exception. I didn’t want too many opinions—just hers. I knew that if we could agree on a gown, that would be the winner.

We looked at different options from several different brands. There was a Givenchy piece we both loved and a Pronovias one that made our top three. I knew what I wanted—something simple and elegant, no fancy beading, nothing with too much lace, nothing too heavy and layered. I wanted something that would move with me, rather than get in the way of me enjoying the day. Looking back, I chose something very similar to my personality—no frills, no fuss, simple but with something different or unexpected. 

When my mom and I looked at the gowns at Vera Wang, we not only had an amazing experience with their amazing team, including Brian Evalle, we also found the perfect combination of style, elegance and edge that I wanted. 

My silk crepe wedding gown gave me a feel of understated elegance, while its draped sleeves were unexpected and edgy. I loved it. It also allowed me to spice up my shoes with some fun gold, sparkly Jimmy Choos for the ceremony. (I quickly changed to flip-flops during the party and attempted to dance samba barefoot at the end of the night. Those who know me well would not be surprised by this at all. Lol).



Our bride Ginger Conejero in her beautiful Vera Wang gown ?? San Francisco Usa ????

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Can you share an excerpt from your wedding vow? 

We kept everything very traditional with the ceremony, including the wedding vows. Father Mark Reburiano, our officiating priest, shared that most couples tend to forget the traditional vows, even when they make the effort to memorize them—so we kept it simple with “repeat after me…”



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Where do you plan to go for honeymoon?

We plan on going to Europe in about a month or two—no definite itinerary just yet, but Switzerland will be a must. 



Photos courtesy of Nice Print Photography