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5 Stunning Elements At This Modern Day Couple’s Vow Renewal That Caught Our Eye

It includes a 5-feet-tall fully edible cake!

When it comes to planning a wedding or a vow renewal, couples often book the major wedding suppliers first to ensure that they get first dibs and to lock in their date for their dream celebration. But when it comes down to it, it’s the details of the celebration that come together to create contrast—to make your special day stand out and truly reflect the unique love that you and your significant other share. Here are five stunning elements at this modern day couple’s vow renewal that caught our eye:


Teddy Manuel Completely Transformed Whitespace

Artists and creatives often work best with a blank canvas, and, renowned stylist Teddy Manuel certainly brought his A-game to Gerald and Corinne’s celebration by transforming Whitespace into what the bride described as, “Dreamy, elegant, polished, clean, intimate, romantic, and fresh.” From floor to ceiling, the venue was decked out with grandiose chandeliers and ceiling installations to stunning floral arrangements composed of Ecuadorian Roses, Tulips and Gypsophila.


A Significant Locket Incorporated into the Bride’s Bouquet

While Corinne’s father couldn’t be present at the celebration due to a tragic car accident in 1991, just two years before the couple met, the bride wanted to honor his memory by attaching a locket with his photo to her bouquet. Her father walked down the aisle with her, after all.


The Cohesiveness of Every Single Detail 

Upon entering the venue every detail seen played out in beautiful harmony, which can be challenging when so many suppliers are coming together to execute a couple’s vision. The event planner, La Belle Fete, under the direction of Ycoy Sitchon, CEO and Managing Director, is known not only for planning events but also for flawless conceptualization and curation of wedding and events. When a celebration comes together with such cohesion it’s no surprise that Corinne’s expectations were not only met, but exceeded.


The Bride Looked Oh-So-Fresh

It’s all too common that a bride feels overwhelmed on her big day, so Corinne took a cue from her make-up artist, Mark Qua, and put Coke cans on her eyes to tighten the skin and to make her feel relaxed. This candid and unforgettable moment of a bride determined to ditch puffy eyes was caught by the photographer, Metrophoto.


A 5-Feet Tall Edible Cake

The venue struck the couple as expansive and open, and, as such, they wanted a grandiose cake that their guests could admire but also enjoy devouring. This all-edible cake from Naked Patisserie towered 5-feet high and was adorn with Ecuadorian roses, rose leaves, and eucalyptus. Many couples are increasingly opting for an edible cake that, not only adds to the styling of the event, but also enhances the culinary experience as guests enjoy a slice of celebratory cake.

Wedding Suppliers:

Planning and Coordination: La Belle Fete

Event Styling: Teddy Manuel

Wardrobe Styling & Creative Direction: Jeff Galang

Photography: Metrophoto

Videography: Bob Nicolas

Reception Gown: Elizabeth Hallie Design

Bridal Robes: La Tercera

Jewellery: Jul B. Dizon Jewellery Salon

Lights & Sound: LX Events Pro