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Urquijo-Suarez Nuptials: Family, Tradition, and Beautiful Hats Led The Society Wedding Of The Year

You’ve seen the gorgeous flamenco cocktails, the afternoon soiree, and now we’ve got all the details on the gorgeous wedding reception party of Bea Zobel Jr’s son

Weddings are display of heritage and values, and the Urquijo-Suarez nuptials by all means give us a glimpse of what they value—family and tradition. As the most-anticipated society wedding of the year Jaime Urquijo Zobel de Ayala and Alexandra Espiritu Suarez certainly managed to create an elegant yet very personal affair. No detail was superfluous and unnecessary, each element was brought on because of family history and tradition. 

“The wedding was very personal for both families,” shares host of EIC On The Move on Metro Channel and Editor In Chief of Metro Society Magazine, who was in Madrid to take part in the celebrations. “It was simple but very elegant and understated. It was held in Los Molinillos—the finca (estate) of the paternal grandmother of Jaime. So it was very homey and very personal,” he says. 

Jaime, is of course, the son of Bea Zobel Jr. grandson of Jaime Zobel de Ayala; while Alex is the daughter of Michelline Espiritu Suarez, and granddaughter of OV Espiritu. 

It was a whirlwind of a celebration, where the first day kicked off with a flamenco party at Palacio de Santoña, Madrid, while the second day, called Asado & Dancing, was at Finca El Feligrés, in Arganda del Rey. 

The ceremony and reception was held at the said estate of Los Molinillos, in a ceremony that began at one in the afternoon. We can only imagine what transpired, as with most modern weddings nowadays, cameras were not allowed during the ceremony.

“The personal vows of both the groom and the bride which they read to each other during the ceremony. A Filipino priest was flown in to say mass together with the Spanish priest close to the family,” shares Raul. The mass was both in English and Spanish. And true to Filipino tradition, Jaime and Alex observed the cord, veil, and candle ceremony.

Apart from the touching ceremony, what stood out was the dress code: “Day dress with hat for ladies,” and “dark suit for gentlemen.” This created a special fashion moment, as weddings in Manila don’t often require the use of hats. 

“I loved that the ladies were asked to wear hats. It made the wedding formal and yet fun. The standouts were Bea Zóbel, Lizzie Zobel, Kathy de Guzman (wearing a Philip Treacy hat), Wito Quimson, Gina Roxas, Maricris Zobel, the Melian sisters (cousins to the Zobels),” he says. 

After the ceremony, the celebration continued in an afternoon reception that featured gorgeous botanical-floral plate, charger, and napkin set, with handwritten name cards.

“The most touching scene was when Piru Urquijo, the paternal grandmother of Jaime gave a short speech at the reception. She praised Bea for raising such wonderful children—Jaime, Monica, and Paloma—all by herself as their father Juan died in a tragic plane crash early in their marriage,” Raul shares. “She said Bea was both mother and father to her children. She also told Alex to love and take care of her grandson because he deserved it.”

With a poignant air, Raul likewise shares his sentiments and wishes for the couple: “… that they live happily ever after just like the fairy tales. I could see in their faces that they truly found each other’s love and soulmate. Have beautiful children together.

What a beautiful wedding full of family tradition, history, and stories! Stay tuned here for more photos of that special day.