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Bubbles Paraiso Shares Self-Care Tips For Athletes And Aspiring Ones For A More Fulfilled Life

Bubbles Paraiso sits down with Tricia Centenera and opens up about her journey to becoming and being an athlete—and how it helped her heal her mind, heart, and body

What does it take to become an athlete? A lot of hard work, sweat, commitment, and challenges here and there. But anyone can be athletic—just take Bubbles Paraiso for example, who decided she would love and take care of herself more through yoga and exercise. It was a major heartbreak four years ago that pushed Bubbles into yoga. And after that, the more intense stuff followed.

Now, Bubbles has earned medals and podium finishes in marathons, duathlons, triathlons—you name it! And she’s finally learned to accept and love her body for it. She sat down with Tricia Centenera for Talk with Tricia, where she talks about her process of getting into yoga and being athletic, which helped her heal her heart, her mind, and her body.

Self-care, she says, is a key aspect to becoming happy and contented. And as an athlete, self-care is an essential part of her routine. She shares some of her self-care tips for athletes—and for those who want to get into becoming more active—for a more fulfilled and healthier life.


Get into yoga

“It not just all about the poses,” says Bubbles, who is also a yoga instructor. The philosophy of it, how it affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally, are things that will help you as an athlete and as someone who wants to start getting more fit and active. Yoga calms the mind, prepares and stretches the body, and teaches you to become more kind and compassionate to yourself. It’s also helps improve metabolism and reduces risks of injury and chronic pain.

A lot of people don’t appreciate how sports is also both a mental and emotional challenge, not just physical. Training and competing also takes a huge toll on your self-esteem and confidence. This is why getting into yoga is one of the things that can help you get into that spiritual zone where you find the connection between your body and your mind. Because you need train both at the same time to succeed.

Treat Fitness Like A New Hobby And Change Your Workout Perspective


Treat Fitness Like A New Hobby And Change Your Workout Perspective

Stop berating yourself

“Before, I was always berating myself, I was always doubting myself. I’d look at myself in the mirror and I’d see all my flaws,” recalls Bubbles about her pre-athletic self. And as an athlete, she’d still have these moment where she’d feel she’s not enough.

Sports is very competitive in nature and being an athlete means you might go against people who can be better than you. But Bubbles advises that you should stop looking at yourself in comparison to others—not just in sports, but in other facets of your lives. Whether it’s at work, school, or competition, as long as you work hard for it and did your best, you should know that that’s enough. Always work with the attitude that you’re doing it for yourself, not for others. Go for pursuing a personal record instead of trying to beat other people.

Focus on strength rather than shape

Before, Bubbles reveals that she only kept an active lifestyle just to beautiful, just to have a nice body. But she realized that no matter how hard she tried, she could never be satisfied about her body. She’d think she wasn’t pretty enough, that she wasn’t sexy enough. She was a vegetarian as well so she can keep her weight.

But what really changed is that getting into athletics pushed her to become stronger—physically, mentally, and emotionally. And now, she’s less concerned about her looks, but more about how strong she’s becoming every single training and competition. The goal is to become stronger and better. The abs, she says, are just a plus.

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Rest and heal

It’s tempting to keep going and going when you’re at a competition high, but Bubbles say that it’s also important to give your body time to rest and heal. During weeks of rest, Bubbles would turn to yoga to keep her body and mind focused. Meditation is a great tool for pushing yourself to spend that time thinking and processing what you want to do and accomplish. It also is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. So always make time for that.

Some trainers also recommend to see therapists who would help you relieve sore muscles and body parts. Just as much as you’d like to get a massage after a tiring day at work, getting one to reward yourself after an intense training or competition helps relax your muscles and recover.

Take a nap

Athletes need more time sleep to help their muscles recover from intense training. In fact, it’s recommended for athletic people to take 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. That’s why when you feel groggy, it can be helpful to take that nap to refresh yourself. Bubbles says she would try to sneak in naps when waiting for taping or during downtimes. It’s okay to need more energy.  

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