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The Best Workouts To Torch Calories and Keep You In Shape For the Holidays

Don't forget to pack this groundbreaking new product in your gym bag—it'll save you from sweaty situations!

There’s a simple mindset people who love to workout have—no matter which workout you end up doing as long as you get a good sweat starting, you’re doing it right! But what’s even more important is to find the right arsenal to make your workouts as fun and enjoyable as possible. A workout buddy, that cute athleisure outfit, the right shoes and an anti-perspirant deodorant for long-lasting freshness and odor control. These are only some of the important stuff everyone needs so you can stay confident with uncompromised beauty even while getting your sweat session on. 

This coming holiday season, apart from watching what you eat, you'll want to make sure you supplement that diet with calorie-torching workouts to keep your physique in check. Running? That new workout that resembles stair-climbing? How about the 45-minute workout Kathryn Bernardo swears by? Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure it's fun for you!

Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite 30-Minute HIIT Workout Is Finally Here In BGC!


Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite 30-Minute HIIT Workout Is Finally Here In BGC!

Recently, we joined the Rexona Beauty Playground and had a blast trying out all the coolest fitness classes in the Metro—indoor cycling at Ride Revolution, full body and thigh-blasting at Plana Forma, and an intense HIIT-inspired workout at Bare Manila. While the three workouts are highly different, one thing was for sure—we sure burned a lot of calories in each one! 

Each class was unique, each one targeted for different parts of the body and different fitness goals. Squeezing in a workout in the upcoming hectic holiday season is a treat more than a chore if you choose to do it in any of these studios for the sheer fun, and effectiveness of each one. 

BARE Manila
Plana Forma
Ride Revolution

We have to admit though: working out sometimes comes with a bit of a hassle. You have to carve out time for it, pack for it, and get all sweaty while you're at it. But we accepted the challenge: we made sure to dress the part, and arm ourselves with a product that would save us from not-too-pretty sweaty situations.

Rexona has long been a go-to partner for that extra protection especially for those who live such active lifestyles. What better way to take it a notch higher than to come up with an easier way to apply deodorant in serum form all contained in a cute, new tube packaging?  The new Dry Serum comes in two variants, Fresh Sakura and Fresh Rose which are both non-sticky, quick-absorbing, lightweight and formulated with whitening ingredients vitamin E and licorice for naturally whiter underarms. 

This product prides itself in ease of use. You just squeeze the tube, apply and spread it on your underarms and you’re ready for a long day of activities! We were invited to take part in the Rexona Beauty Playground series for one simple purpose: to try and put their newest Dry Serum products to the ultimate test and see how it fares against different workout sessions in terms of giving that extra clean and dry feeling that’s 100% powered by nature.

Now we have no excuse to not to get our sweat on, and get that fitness class in. See you at the gym!