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Tricia Centenera Goes Deep Into Self Care With 'Talk With Tricia'—Here Are Her Favorite Lessons

Metro Channel’s driven host reminisces about the lessons from her show guests, as she opens with the first episode of Talk With Tricia premiering on Saturday

Midmorning, in BGC, and Tricia Centenera is staring intently at Sara Black. They are deep in conversation, talking about their individual journeys and what had set them on this path. 

Tricia Centenera With Guest Sara Black for Talk With Tricia
Tricia Centenera With Guest Sara Black for Talk With Tricia

All around them is a coterie of experts—directors, videographers, editor, producers—similarly entranced, listening to their every word.

That is the charm of Tricia, who can talk anyone’s ear off, but this time chooses the medium of the web for this special endeavor.

Her show, Talk with Tricia, is all about self love and self care. Taking off from hosting last year's Metro Channel show, Driven, where Tricia similarly talked to real and inspiring women who are driven by their passions; in Talk with Tricia, she takes a step back and looks within, and encourages her guests to do the same.

From her impressive guest lineup this season, from Sara Black to Camille Co, Max Collins, Fatima Rabago, Juana Yupangco, Teresa Herrera, Angely Dub, Amanda Griffin, among others,; Tricia looks back at some of the best lessons she learned from the guests:

1. First, acceptance. "It is beautiful and rather more favorable to acknowledge your shortcomings and that there is no shame in accepting help from a strong support system," says Tricia.

2. Love yourself more, and love yourself right. "For most women who are going through insecurities—whether it be post partum or just simply not being happy with how you look, you have to love yourself more and love yourself right. You can't be too harsh on yourself but you don't have to feed it negativity too. Self-esteem is different from lying to yourself. Ridding yourself from negativity, you have to actually start with you so don't tolerate negativity just to make yourself more." 

3.  Choose your friends. "It's not always easy to put on a smile and lock yourself in the abysmal depths of your thoughts, so surrounding yourself with like-minded people helps. The positivity each of these women breathe was so infectious that I have learned even more from them. I actually felt some apprehension towards the start of filming, there was a time when I was worried that I'd feel so insecure talking to them but I can't be an advocate for self-love and self-acceptance if I can't give myself the same love."

"The safe space I've created with these women was the kind of breather anyone could use more of. I just love being around them and inhaling their positive attitude that I have completely felt stronger and more committed to love myself and better myself too." 

4. Work through your emotions. "You have to constantly work on being at the phase in your life that you wanted to be in. Your journey will always be different than others so you only need to worry about how you're gonna get to your choice of destination. If you were anything like me when I gave birth, throwing myself a stern, disappointed look every time I see my reflection, know that you are not always going to feel that entrapment, that dissatisfaction. You have to do your share and work yourself through your emotions and all these changes until you are where you want to be." 

5. Be happy and unique. "Everyone's uniqueness is something to be celebrated! Men and women need to love their being different and their special traits because at the end of the day, you will only magnetize the love you deserve when you pour that same kind of love to yourself. In 10 minutes per week, let our show help you be more accepting of who you are and just an ante kinder to yourself."
Catch fresh episodes of Talk with Tricia every Saturday, 8 p.m., on Metro.Style’s YouTube and IGTV.