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10 Excuses To Stop Making If You Want To Get Fit This Year

Most people know they should prioritize working out, but most people are better at making excuses not to workout.

Everyday we complain about stress at work, heavy traffic and being too tired. We use these as reasons why we are so unmotivated to workout, but when are we not going to have work, heavy traffic, and stress? Let’s face it: these are realities for most of us. We all have the same hours in the day, we all just have to work around it!

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This new year, instead of making excuses, let’s try to start taking action on things we want to change and improve. Making excuses will not help us reach our goals, putting in the hard work will. There are no shortcuts!


Here are 10 reasonable excuses you might give yourselves this new year, and here are some tips on how to beat them every time:



This is probably the most common fitness excuse of them all.

When we say, “I don’t have enough time”, what we are really saying is “I am not willing to devote any time for that”. Think of all the times you sat at home to watch Netflix, online shopped or went to go have a boozy brunch on a weekend? Add them all up. You really think you can’t replace any of it with 1-2 hours to workout?

If you keep thinking of how much time you’re going to waste by working out a few times a week, then consider asking yourself this: how much of your life is going to waste by being unfit or overweight?



It’s hard to focus and enjoy your workout if you’re constantly thinking of what people are thinking while you are running slowly, sweating profusely and struggling with very light weights. Guess what? You’re not alone, we all have insecurities.

Keep in mind that everyone in that room was a newbie at one point. Instead of comparing yourself to the super fit looking people, why not approach the friendly looking ones and ask for help. You will be surprised how friendly and positive these people are. Anyone who understands fitness will know the positives of exercise, and will admire what you’re doing. Smile and be friendly, don’t be afraid to ask for help, who knows you might end up inspiring someone in the gym as well!



We've all heard of this story: someone gets excited and giddy to start a fitness journey then fails miserably just because of some bumps on the road. I’ve heard this sad story too many times. Here are some possible reasons why people have failed, and how to overcome them.

  • They neglected to plan.
    • Planning your week and days can mentally help and prepare you to make it easier to stick to fitness regimen. I usually plan out my workouts for the rest of the week, including rest days. Not only does this make my life organized, it also helps me become more efficient in managing my energy.
  • They didn’t enjoy the workout.
    • There are some people who are lucky enough to love exercising. But there are many of us who can only stick to one they enjoy, and that’s ok. You just have to keep looking; maybe it’s a different coach, gym or vibe. Don’t give up until you find yours.
  • The gym was too far.
    • With Manila traffic, it is very inefficient to get a membership somewhere that is out of the way. We are so lucky these days to have so many gyms sprouting left and right, if you just look around your neighborhood I’m sure you’ll find a more accessible gym near you.
  • You kept your goals to yourself.
    • Sharing your fitness goal with your family and friends can help you keep you accountable. They may even want to join you! That should be fun!
  • You set unrealistic goals.
    • You wont get fit overnight, let me be real with you and say that it takes one whole year of consistent work and proper diet to fully transform your body. It is normal to hit plateaus and setbacks. It’s all part of the journey. Lastly, never compare yourself to your favorite fitspiration on instagram! Learn to love your body and work with the shape you’re given.

Just give it time, be consistent and plan your fitness journey. You will eventually get there.



Ask yourself, “How much have I spent on alcohol, eating out, buying expensive coffee or shopping (for things I don’t need) in the past year?” I’m sure if you add all those up, you will realize that you can lessen some of these to give way for your “fitness budget”. Getting fit does not have to be expensive; there are gym memberships/workouts that cost less that can Php 2000 per month.

Not ready for a new budget allocation? Start by improving your lifestyle— walk more, do HIIT workouts at home, switch to a standing desk, lessen eating out and late nights to get longer sleep.



This is completely normal whenever you are new to the environment, especially when everyone looks like they know what they are doing.

The main problem why you are intimidated is because you’re not going enough! Obviously if you go more often, then you will get used to the place, get to know the coaches and staff, you might even make new friends. Training improves confidence so just stick with it.



Come on guys, it’s 2019!  Are we still going to be stuck believing this myth? Lifting can help you shape your body into whatever you desire. You could spend hours on the elliptical and the treadmill—but it will just help you burn fat. The secret to a tighter body isn’t burning off every ounce of body fat with cardio—its in creating a solid, muscular base.



Setting goals and planning your way on how to get there is the best! The problem is when “tomorrow” gets dragged out into days, weeks or months… until eventually we just give up on starting out completely.

We give ourselves a false reassurance that we are doing something because “we will start soon” but in reality, we are just avoiding the hardest part—ACTUALLY STARTING. Maybe it is because we are afraid to accept the risks that come with it, and one of the “tomorrow” suddenly becomes our security blanket that we are working on it without the risks because we are afraid to fail.

But failure is part of the journey and we must accept that, the important part is WE KEEP GOING. So instead of starting tomorrow, set a date and stick to the plan.



If you feel life is tough for you right now, I can assure you that working out can give you the boost that you need. There are numerous studies out there have shown that exercise can relieve stress and help combat depression.

Work, house chores and traffic will always be part of our lives so deal with it. We all have the same hours in the day; you can squeeze anything you want if you prioritize it.



Don’t just get into something without a solid plan. If you do, you will enter the gym and end up just staring at the endless rows of machines and weights! Entering a new environment alone can be very intimidating, but coming in without any knowledge can surely de-motivate anyone. Go arm yourself with a workout program, research proper forms or ask friends to help you out!



There will be days when you will drag yourself to workout, and that’s okay. There will even be some days when you will have no will to fight your fast food cravings, go ahead treat yo’ self! Even the fittest people in the world lose motivation. It’s not always easy but discipline.

On days you feel you need the extra push, here’s yours… SUCK IT UP. KEEP GOING. NO EXCUSES.

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