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Here’s How adidas Runners Manila Promotes Females in Running

At adidas Runners Manila, women find a welcoming community of running enthusiasts supporting fitness, passion, and camaraderie.

In today’s generation, it’s not surprising that females now take space in sports and fitness. As we find our footing in the active world, more and more communities are being established to cater to women’s passion and interest in movement. On the forefront in the running field is adidas Runners Manila (aRM)—with the goal of helping ladies reach their full potential from the moment they tie their shoes and go.

adidas Runners Manila members enjoy the event's various attractions

Returning to the running tracks last year, the club used the opportunity to grow—helping women in turning fitness as a way to cope with mental health. “As restrictions eased down, more women are confident to get out and hit the road for a run to continue their fitness journey,” aRM coach Nylah Bautista tells Metro.Style. “Many women have found a second home with adidas Runners Manila as we provide a supportive and inclusive environment for women to participate in running and fitness activities.” From there, they saw a significant increase—with regular aRM sessions having above 40% of female attendance. 

And the club continues their journey to inspiring ladies in running when they launched the latest adidas Ultraboost Light last month. During the Trial Run where participants got to test this latest iteration with 30% lighter BOOST material, they gathered ladies—and gents!—to celebrate women as well. 

adidas Ultraboost Light boasts 30% lighter BOOST material, giving you epic energy in every stride

The brand also introduced their latest female-led initiative called the With Women We Run+ (WWWR+) program, a three-month program composed of a series of training and workouts for beginner and intermediate participants. Along with a detailed course, the initiative will also carry different workshops throughout its 12-week run. The activities will cover women’s nutrition, male allyship, and mental toughness, in order to provide holistic growth and development among the participants.

WWWR+ also highlights safety with implemented measures throughout the program, like plotting well-lit and safe routes for running, providing visibility aids, and offering self-defense classes for their members. The best part? You’ll be in touch with like-minded individuals and mentors.

“The enhanced WWWR+ program aims to empower women and help them discover their running potential, while also providing a safe and inclusive environment for them to gather, train, and run together,” Nylah, who also leads the program, explains. “This initiative not only seeks to expand the community of aspiring female runners, but also prioritizes creating an environment where women can pursue their fitness goals without fear of harassment or discrimination. The program is tailored to each participant’s current fitness level and adaptable to their current situation.”


With a specific target to guide females towards the runner’s path, aRM constantly maintains the momentum in welcoming ladies in the world of running. Even outside the WWWR+ program, the club cultivates a culture of respect and accountability within the community. Thus, whether you’re new to the group and just getting acquainted with the beauty of running or have been joining their runs for a while now, it will remain a safe and empowering environment for women to thrive in running—both for personal growth and health.

Ready to sprint towards your best self? Sign up and join the next adidas Runners Manila’s event—who knows where those two feet, along with new friends you’ll meet in the running community, will bring you!

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