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Ellen Adarna Has Been Doing These Workouts To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Let this new mom inspire you to jump, flow, and move to a better state of being today!

Recently on Instagram, the beautiful Ellen Adarna posted photos of herself in a bikini with the caption, "#mumbod". Unlike many new moms who shy away from the camera after giving birth, the 32-year-old new mom confidently posted her post-partum bod, as if giving herself a pat on the back for all the hard work it has been doing since pregnancy and afterwards.

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It may not be easy for mothers to get back on the fitness track right away, but with the doctor's go signal and motivation to match, one can be well on her way to losing the extra weight that was gained during the pregnancy phase. Ellen Adarna proves to be a living example of such.

Here’s The 14-Day Mental Health Training Program Ellen Adarna Went Through in Bali


Here’s The 14-Day Mental Health Training Program Ellen Adarna Went Through in Bali

She has also recently shared the mental health training journey she went through in Bali, wherein she spent 14 days doing grueling mental and physical exercises to help strengthen not just her physical but her mental state as well. She even goes on to share in an IGTV video, "By the way, I am 101% okay now. No more meds and sadness... Just love and smiles. I am out of that black hole." It's safe to say that Ellen is on a self-care journey, with constant workouts as well as inner work, to help her become the best mother and woman she can be at this point in her life.

In terms of workouts, she does the ones that mostly focus on cardio—being the jump rope fan that she is (she used to do boxing a lot in the past years), she has been sharing her jump rope routines online, in a series of posts. Check them out below:

Jumping rope, apart from being a great way to improve cardiovascular health, improves your coordination, burns lots of calories, improves your breathing, improves bone density, and decreases foot and ankle injuries. It's also a cheap way to workout wherever, and whenever. Consider buying your own rope and start jumping today!

Fitspiration Of The Month: Fitness Model Marline Capones


Fitspiration Of The Month: Fitness Model Marline Capones

Apart from jumping rope, Ellen recently shared her latest fitness discovery, the 'Rope Flow' workout. It's similar to holding a jump rope on both hands, and is a cardio workout that's low-impact, and requires your body to do flowing movements to 'optimize integration of the mind and body for fitness and athleticism.'

What looks like a relaxing dance sequence actually boasts of great physical benefits, and Ellen seems to be reaping the rewards! To all the moms (and non-moms) out there, let Ellen serve as your inspiration to start jumping, flowing, and simply moving to a better state of being today!