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Enter This Space Where You Can Heal From Life's Chaos

Here’s the sad reality: we often forget to take care of ourselves. In a culture where working ourselves to the bone is often praised, and in a world where we so naturally wear many hats, there is a deep need often neglected to slow down and to simply breathe. It’s important to carve out time—something that we seem to never have enough of—to be alone, to be still, and to truly take care, for everything that it means. In order to brave the wear and tear that comes with the nonstop demands of this day and age, to flourish and not just merely live and get by, self-care is no longer an option but a necessity.



In a digital age where anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders begin to slowly brew and fester in so many minds, where does one even begin? Self-care is the word and there is no better space than Anam Cara Manila to do this. Anam Cara is a home for seekers to find love, light, and healing. The name comes from old Gaelic; anam meaning “soul” and cara meaning “friend,” and tradition recognizes Anam Cara as a teacher, companion, or spiritual guide to whom you can share your innermost self, with all the hidden intimacies and intricacies of your life, mind, and heart.



Today, Anam Cara may be understood as a loved one who enters one’s life and awakens the being in order to free the wild, infinite possibilities within. This is a friendship wherein one is understood simply as they are, sans mask or pretention, and where love flows freely as the most authentic embodiment of human presence and consciouness.



As a healing space, Anam Cara Manila has two main segments: Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing, as taught and practiced by the Aquarian Collective, a group of seasoned Kundalini teachers who hope to introduce Kundalini, and Enlight PH, which offers many other yogic and healing modalities. Founded by HarNadh Maritrya Marisa, JC De Leon, and Al Galang with Mawi Fojas-De Ocampo, Enlight PH holds sessions of Ye Hezu Bamboo Wand, Ashtanga Mysore Method Yoga, Yin Yoga, Primary Flow, Capoeira, Satsang and Kirtan, Power Stretching, QiGong, and Sattva Yoga, among others. All practices, both spiritual and physical, aim to help one heal and cope with the challenges that come with every day, helping one become more mindful of breath and body.



“Anam Cara is a birthing place, a womb that holds space for your mastery and your healing” shares HarNadh, co-founder and teacher. “There is constant collaboration—you’re mastering, you’re teaching, you do a workshop, maybe engage one of the tachers for breath work… this is how I move consciousness as a professional to the coming generation, and we are doing the best we can. This is our, at least my, piece of the puzzle in giving people the opportunity to really own up to who they are and fulfill their dreams.” She adds that healing begins when one does not merely practice but begins to embody the teachings, to shift into self-awareness. “Even this conversation is a prayer!” she beams.


The healing and mind-body-soul awareness is very much present in the practice of Kundalini, wherein one can tap into their intuitive side, connect to themselves, and find peace and security from all the chaos. “When you tap into your intuitive self, we discover that we already know the answer. We just need to connect to that voice… which we tend to forget to do because of our lifestyle,” explains Tet Fojas-Bachmann, who teaches the practice at Anam Cara and at several holistic healing workshops around the metro. “The biggest thing we can offer is an additional choice on top of your regular practice—whether it be Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or even if you like to run or enjoy other forms of physical activity. Kundalini complements your regular practice,” she adds.


As a community of collaboration, support, friendship, and love, Anam Cara is where people from all walks of life are understood and are welcomed home. “Anam Cara welcomes all seekers to the community, regardless of what stage you are in during this journey of speaking your truth,” shares Mawi Fojas-De Ocampo, who teaches Ye Hezu Bamboo Wand at Anam Cara. And truly there is something for everyone in this space, but more importantly, there is a whole lot of light and love.


Find your soul space and heal at Anam Cara Manila, located at 161 Neptune St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City. Follow them on Facebook at Photography by Jar Concengco