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First in the PH – A Fitness Equipment You Won’t Find in the Gym

It’s not a treadmill nor a stationary bike. It’s a revolutionary desk that will help you get in shape without breaking a sweat even during office hours.

Stance Philippines introduced the first ever standing desks converter in the country early last year with the hope of interrupting a sedentary lifestyle. Apparently, these desks are hot in the western hemisphere hence encouraged the trio of Ethan Laud, Chino Olaguer and Stanley Magno to bring them to the Philippines. Their team developed a prototype of designs inspired by those in foreign countries.

A standing desk converter works really well for those in the corporate workforce. It’s quite simple – put the converter on top of your existing office desk, simultaneously push the two buttons on the side and pull it up, that’s it – it’s not rocket science. This innovation allows you to work even when standing up. You got to admit, sitting down for long periods of time can get exhausting and can sometimes lead to inefficiency. Trust me, I know how it feels.

Work-life balance is more than just a hashtag. Yes, we understand that work gets in the way of life most of the time but considering the amount of time you spend sitting down in front of a computer (I’m guilty and I know you are, too) is kind of startling. This desk could be the real deal. A 15 to 30 minutes interval between standing up and sitting down could mean a decrease in potential health issues. More than just a work accessory, standing desks are a plea for everyone to start altering our lifestyle. Its long term effects can save you from a whale of regret in the future – especially when sitting down and standing up already is a hard work.

Stance Philippines knew exactly who to get as ambassadors – the likes of ABS-CBN Publishing Digital Head, Ernie Lopez and motivational and inspirational speakers, RJ Ledesma and Anthony Pangilinan who spend most of their time drafting speeches and overseeing an entire organization.

The standing desk converters comes in three options – the Stance Pro, Stance Slim and Stance Ultra-Lite. Stance Pro is a sturdy converter that can carry the weight of a complete desktop coterie. Stance Slim, as the name suggests, is the sleeker version. Same with Pro, the Slim can also accommodate a desktop but only the lighter ones. The Ultra-Lite, on the other hand, is lightweight. You can carry it around anywhere in your office if you feel like it.

It’s high time we stand up from our swivels and admit that we’ve been sitting down for too long. While you’re at it, check out Stance Philippines website to get to know them better