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Inhale, Exhale, Find Peace: Mawi Fojas De Ocampo Shares The Art Of Living Mindfully!

Luxury—don't we always think of beautiful homes, five-star vacations, endless shopping sprees, by-invitation events, exclusive dining experiences, and the overall glitzy life when the word comes up?

That's all true to some extent, but according to Live Mindfully PH's Mawi Fojas de Ocampo, the most valuable luxury of them all is often left out of the list. There is, in fact, a kind of luxury that's intangible, requires no material wealth, can never be stolen, and may be shared infinitely, with resources never, ever running low. 

Doubtful? So were we—but not anymore, thanks to firsthand experience of what Mawi had to share with us. 


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Together with Mawi and other individuals who wish to share the art of living mindfully, life's truest, most genuine, and unfading luxury is the ability to slow down, invest in self-care, and heal from the inside out.

Without peace within, that delicious Michelin-star star dish probably might not be as enjoyable as you'd imagined, a pretty dress might not bring you as much happiness as you anticipated, and traveling to new and distant lands could very well might spur feelings of isolation and disconnection, rather than beautiful wonder and awe. 


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It's a gift, really, in this day and age, to be able to indulge in what Mawi calls the art of doing nothing; basking in stillness and simply finding the time to settle down, allowing yourself to regain your own rhythm in a world that forces you to keep up with its ever-quickening pace despite how tired and spent you might feel.


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She's been a holistic wellness practitioner for over a decade now, and although she continues to advance her career in corporate communications across several industries, she's never once forgotten what matters most at the end of the day: the luxury of feeling well, inside and out.


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Today, she happily shares her favorite method of keeping mind, heart, and body balanced through a unique exercise regimen that everyone can participate in regardless of fitness level and physical capabilities: Yu-Hezu, a.k.a. the art of Chinese bamboo wand.



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If it sounds exotic, that's simply because of its history—don't be intimidated!

Yu-Hezu isn't a new discovery and has actually been around for centuries and centuries. It was thought to be practiced (and kept secret) by the Chinese imperial family as it improved circulation, exercised all the muscle groups, delayed aging, and its practitioners could find comfort in the fact that movements begin slow, and then slowly intensify. 


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Today, people from all over the world enjoy the regimen that consists of 17 kinds of movements of stretching, twisting, lunging, bending, plus a few moments of meditation and guided reflection. All you need is a four-foot bamboo "wand," a calm mind and an open heart and you'll be well on your way to being a more calm, spiritually enriched individual. 



Mawi teaches workshops regularly in some of the most picturesque and peaceful retreats around the metro, so those who wish to learn the art of Yu-Hezu and other ways to live mindfully have a ton of opportunities to learn from her.

You'll be learning from one of the best, too! Mawi picked up her love for holistic well-being from her family's yoga guru, Salliji, who she began training with at the tender age of six and continued to practice a myriad of exercises well into her 80s. 

Best of all, with a bit of practice with Mawi or with a group, it's definitely possible to do the workouts at home and keep a steady pace of improvement. 


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Now that your curiosity has piqued, we highly encourage you to explore more with Mawi,

But a little preview of what Yu-Hezu has in store for you looks something like this: (and in case you were wondering where the movements for the exercise regimen come from, they're inspired by the movements of animals at play. Don't be surprised to encounter terms for movements like "Stretching the Crane" and "Twitching the Dragon's Tail!").





So what do you say? See you at your first (and our next) Yu-Hezu session with Mawi?


Photos from @livemindfullyph and Unsplash