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Try These Free Workouts From Fitness Influencers All Over The World

Get that blood pumping and sweat flowing with these free online workouts from some of the top fitness influencers around the world!

Yes, lounging all day in our pajamas while watching our favorite shows and movies have been great the past few weeks, but have you tried carving out some time to work on your fitness? With all this free time on our hands, we really have no excuse to not break a sweat, even for just a bit.

Working out and making sure we're maintaining an active lifestyle even when we're staying at home is a key factor in our happiness levels, as movement allows for proper blood circulation, detoxing via sweat, and a much-needed dose of endorphins a.k.a. 'feel good hormones'. Combatting anxiety and worry with working out is a cheap, effective way to keep the bad vibes at bay, so why not start doing this today?

We also live in a world where fitness does not mean stepping out of the house to head to an actual gym. While the fitness studios and gyms we love are taking a break during the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness trainers and influencers have taken the online world by storm with their free DIY workouts at home, minus any complicated, elaborate equipment.

Should you wish to invest in a home gym though, a bunch of local brands have started offering online orders and deliveries/pick-up for your purchasing pleasure.

You Can Buy Workout Equipment From These Shops Online!


You Can Buy Workout Equipment From These Shops Online!

Ahead, we've gathered some of our favorite foreign fitspirations online, from Liv Lo-Golding (yes, she's Henry Golding's wife), to Aussie fitness phenom Kayla Itsines, and everyone else fabulous in between. 

Choose from a variety of workouts, from yoga, pilates, and HIIT, to get that body sculpting started! As they say, "I regret doing that workout - said no one ever." Happy sweating everyone!

Kayla Itsines


Aussie Kayla Itsines took the world by storm with her famous Bikini Body programs that have transformed thousands of women's bodies all over the world. Even our very own Megan Young is a fan! Check out her latest At Home Workout video below:

Liv Lo Golding


This fitness trainer/entrepreneur/presenter and Henry Golding's better half has built a name for herself in Singapore and abroad with her brand 'FitSphere' - yoga combined with HIIT routines that sculpt your body into its leanest, tonest version. Check out her latest DIY workout you can totally do anytime at home or outside:

These Fitspos Are Giving Free Workouts During The Lockdown


These Fitspos Are Giving Free Workouts During The Lockdown

Cassey Ho of Blogilates


Her 1.7 million Instagram followers and 4.98 million Youtube followers are proof of this lady's success in the fitness world. Making her pilates workouts reachable and doable for the regular gal, Cassey Ho has gained a loyal following one arm toning workout at a time! Join us in doing her latest cardio routine:

Maddie Burner of Madfit


This popular Canadian Youtuber makes it almost impossible for you to hate working out—with her countless DIY and insanely easy to follow workout routines, you might as well kiss hiring a personal trainer goodbye. She currently has 2.62 million Youtube subscribers, and with each video you diligently practice, expect to see some buns and abs of steel just like her's.

Kelsey Wells


This SWEAT trainer (download the app Sweat on Google Play and Apple Store) empowers women to be their fittest, no matter what stage of life they're in. She also specializes in post-pregnancy fitness, making it possible for post-partum bodies to get into their best, strongest shape yet. Check out her latest booty workout video at home below: