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What Hindy Weber Learned From Her Muay Thai Journey

"Nothing and no one can limit us but ourselves."

Hindy Weber wears many hats. At 50, she is unstoppable. The mom slash Fashion Designer slash Regenerative Farmer slash Holistic Wellness teacher just added Muay Thai champ to her long list of roles in life. Safe to say, she's one of our fitspirations right now! 

Hindy Weber | @hindyweber

On a recent Instagram post, she wrote:
"Two months ago, I wrote my #MuayThai coach to ask if I could join an #amateurfight (swipe to see the message) 😅

I asked if there was a category for my age. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever got a straight answer for that 🤪

The first photo shows my weigh in at @elordegym in Sucat. I felt so intimidated seeing all the fighters there from all over the country. But I did what I did in the way I only know how, with a little grit and a lot of smile. ☺️

At this point, I had already been training on/off with the funnest fight club, The Tom Yum Gang. More on them later. But it simply would have been impossible to do this without them. Special 💗 to @lucaswtantoco and @quincy.go 😭😭

To prepare my body and brain for fight day, I did therapies from my fave body care center — where I did @neuroptimal, LiveO2 #ewot , fascia release, the red light bed. Thank you, Eli!! @biohackingpioneerph - you are the real deal.

I also did the 28-day Reset fascial maneuvers w @humangarage. I learned so much about my body’s capacities for regeneration. Thank you @anthonypangilinan @mommymaricel for bringing them to our shores.

Last, but not least, my coaches @jbitaga and @ainieabubakarbitaga without whom I would have never known what a “good fight” meant. You believed in me from Day 1.

I entered into this not caring if I won or lost. I just wanted to face it.

I could’ve joined a marathon — because I also really love to run — but for some reason, that didn’t scare me. I wanted to do something that really scared me. And that was facing someone in the ring that wanted nothing more than to knock me down.

I turn 50 in a couple of weeks. Writing this feels so strange. I thought I was 20something just last week. ☺️ Soon I’ll be the incredible age of 50. And guess what? I’m just getting started."

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Fitspiration: BOOSTED Founder and Mom-of-2 Marilen Montenegro

Mastering a new sport is no easy feat for anyone, even athletes themselves, but Hindy took the challenge on and did it with an admirable attitude to boot!

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We caught up with Hindy and asked her some of our burning questions. Read on and get inspired:

Metro.Style: What inspired you to take on the Muay Thai journey? 

Hindy Weber: An Elorde Gym opened near our home and my friend, Melanie Go, egged us on to enroll. Ended up our whole family loved the training with the coaches. We didn’t stop—even during lockdown we’d train at home. But I’ve also been a martial arts enthusiast and practitioner since I was an adolescent. So it was a natural transition for me to go into Muay Thai.

MS: What are three most important takeaways for you from this journey?

HW: Courage. Humility. One can feel their best at any age. 


MS: What did you love about the process?

HW: Facing the fear and coming out on the other end with my integrity and courage in tact. 

MS: What was the biggest challenge you faced?

HW: Facing an opponent who wants nothing more than to knock you out. The mind game was very overwhelming leading up to the fight, and all the physical training one does can’t really prepare you completely when you are fighting someone else with the same or even better training than you. It’s really a personal process and a sport that has so many factors for failure or success.

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MS: What is next on your ‘to achieve’ list?

HW: Train with other women. Continue training perhaps in other martial arts also. 

MS: Tips for women who are scared of taking on such feats in their life? 

HW: Nothing and no one can limit us but ourselves. So all that matters is to have the courage to work towards what we truly think our soul is calling us out to do. There will always be ‘reasons’ that hijack our own selves. Sometimes we just have to get out of the way of our own path.