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This Is How Celebrities Stay Fit During The Quarantine

Fitness goals this quarantine? Here's some inspiration to get you motivated to start or keep moving

How about starting a good habit this quarantine?

Exercising and staying active is not just a means to lose weight or to achieve that dream body. Especially in these times when we have a health crisis, exercising can help you strengthen your body and immunity against any kind of sickness.

Do you need inspiration, tips, or workout ideas that can motivate you to get moving while in quarantine? Check out these celebrities who are staying fit and healthy in their own homes!

Lovi Poe

There’s no arguing Lovi Poe has an amazing body—and it’s not just beautiful, it’s also strong. Lovi works with personal fitness trainer Inigo Hizon, who also works with other celebrities to keep them fit and in shape. During the quarantine, Lovi is making sure she’s making her coach proud by continuing her usual workout routine at home.

If you’re on your leg day, a tip from Lovi to increase your fitness is to use a resistant band while doing glute leg lifts, fire hydrants, and squats.
And don’t skip on a good diet! Lovi makes sure she’s filled with protein pasta (no, not pancit canton) before her workout for optimum energy and repair.
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Ylona Garcia

Just like Lovi, Ylona is a client of Coach Inigo, and she’s also making sure she stays active even at home with challenging workouts that you can do with minimal equipment.

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Before the quarantine, did you know that Ylona is actually a weightlifter? She shared some of her weightlifting videos on Instagram and she actually can lift up to 135 pounds! Amazing!

Gretchen Ho

If you’re looking for a well-balanced exercise routine that targets your cardio, legs, core, and arms, try these easy home exercises with Gretchen Ho, who showcased how you can use home items to help you exercise. In the video below, she shows 8 exercises with the help of a palanggana, bottles of cooking oil, a basketball, and a bag of rice.

As an athlete, Gretchen Ho knows that staying fit and in shape entails a lot of discipline. She reminds us that this quarantine, “Maintain a healthy diet and sleeping pattern. Don’t allow yourself to regress despite the long break. Keep your discipline so when all of this is over, you’ll be back even stronger.”

Try These Free Workouts From Fitness Influencers All Over The World


Try These Free Workouts From Fitness Influencers All Over The World

Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero

This power couple shows us that the couple that exercises together, stays together! If you’re stuck at home with your partner or spouse, might as well get them to join you in the exercise for twice the motivation.

Aubrey shares regular exercise regimens and workout on her Instagram account, so check that out if you’re looking to follow some of their exercises.

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Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Another adorable couple who’s trying to stay fit this quarantine is Bianca and her husband, JC. Since JC is a professional athlete, his work from home means literally working out—and this has inspired Bianca to join him in his workouts.

Before the quarantine, Bianca would regularly do pilates to keep her body strong and to address her scoliosis problems, but now that they’re staying home, she’s trying her best to stay active with the whole family.
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Kelsey Merritt

It’s our favorite Victoria’s Secret angel, Kelsey Merritt, staying fit and active in her home in Los Angeles. Kelsey is normally very hardworking in the gym, but since she’s trying to stay home because of the virus, she’s sticking to home workouts she can do by herself and with her personal coach.

If you want to achieve that VS angel body, join her in her 10-minute butt workout or her full body pilates workout below.

Nicole Cordoves

Nicole Cordoves just started working out regularly last year, and she’s not letting the ECQ stop her from keeping it a habit. In fact, this beauty queen and Showtime regular is not just sticking to a disciplined workout schedule—she’s also leveling it up by incorporating practical activities!

In an Instagram post, Nicole lists her quarantine workout as: “15-minute HIIT, 15-minute conditioning, walis, lampaso, laba, sampay bago bumaba ang araw.” Keep moving, and accomplish something while you’re at it, too!

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You Can Buy Workout Equipment From These Shops Online!

Bubbles Paraiso

Bubbles is keeping herself very busy this quarantine as she continues to teach yoga through iGoBeyondYoga, and keep her strength and fitness level for her next triathlon.

And since there are no races to join right now, Bubbles is cycling with people all over the world via Zwift, an app that turns indoor training into a competitive video game. Just last week, Bubbles completed a 161-km cycling challenge in 7.5 hours. Intense training really doesn’t stop!
And if you live in a condo like Bubbles, you may want to try her new workout: go up and down the emergency stairwell. In Bubbles’ case, she went up and down thrice and covered a total of 120 storeys. Can you beat that?

Iya Villania-Arellano

Iya is currently six months pregnant but that’s not stopping her from staying active and exercising! Iya shows us some of her daily workout routine, which is designed to make her strong and avoid excessive weight gain that could possibly lead to complications such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. It’s not a very heavy routine, and great for pregnant moms like her who’d like to stay strong for their pregnancy.