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How To Beat Post-Holiday Bloat


You might have started the holiday feeling pretty good about your shape. But, in just a short break where your normal eating and exercise routine had been forgotten, the abs lines have gone, a few jiggly bits have appeared, and what’s even worse is that your energy levels and motivation are at an all-time low.

To help you feel better sooner, here are some easy exercises that can reduce bloating.


Walk or jog.

After all the eating is over, why not try to walk around the block? In just 10 to 20 minutes, you’ll get your insides moving. The first few steps are always the hardest but the burst of fresh air will get feet moving and your body feeling a lot better.


Skip rope.

Channel your inner child by doing this activity after that big meal. It may not feel so great during the first jumps, but your body will eventually bounce back after a while—literally! The motion and core contradictions will shake off any amount of tummy bloat.


Stretch and Twist.

Your body will thank you if you do some light stretching and put twisting motions. This puts pressure on the abdominal muscles and make your body work through the bloating.


Challenge yourself with V-sits.

The additional contraction of lifting your upper body off the groundat the same time as bringing your legs closer to your body will push on the bloated area, forcing the muscles to do their work in progress of getting rid of that pain.


Hit the stairs.

Stairs are a great way to bounce your body back and rid the pains of bloating. This is also an effective means of cardio, either way you are getting your body moving and moving toward relief from bloating.



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