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How To Keep Your Fitness Fire Going According To Melissa Gohing

We’ve all reached a slump and have surely hit the wall at some point during our fitness journeys. What used to be an exciting chunk of your day has now turned into a dragging chore. Turn things around and rekindle that spark you once had with these tips from volleyball superstar, Melissa Gohing.


Akiyo Dy (Hype 24-7 Fitness Owner), Adelle Catalla (Mega Tuna Brand Manager), Melissa Gohing, Cherry Daang (Hype 24-7 Trainer), and Matthew Keith Tan (Hype 24_7 Fitness owner)


1. Practice reward system or delayed gratification.

It’s easy to forget why you started once everything gets all too real. The gym membership you have to regularly pay for; the commitment to work out at least once a week; the strict diet you have to religiously stick to; the body aches you have to endure post-workout. Now, repeat these one too many times until it becomes a part of your lifestyle. If you’re one to get easily bored with routines and commitment then adhering to a fitness routine will, one of these days, break you. That’s why giving into your Samgyupsal craving or having that bar of chocolate at the end of every week will greatly help.



“Indulge in your favorite food once in a while but in moderation,” warns Melissa. “Your body is 80% diet and 20% exercise. No matter how much you exercise, kung grabe ka naman kumain after, hindi mo rin ma-rereach yung goal mo. Kung gusto mo ng abs, hindi naman s’ya mangyayari kung kakain ka naman ng tatlong cups ng kanin after your work out.”


2. Invest in quality workout gear.

Add spice and break the monotony of the entire fitness process by getting new work out gear once in a while. This might be the perfect excuse to finally purchase that cute and comfy sports bra you’ve been eyeing for weeks now. Just make sure its durable enough to withstand intense training days.


3. Sweat it out with a buddy or your beau.

On days when you’ve felt like cancelling your gym subscription or flaking out on your scheduled friendly futsal game, you definitely need another human being who understands what you do to help you push through and constantly remind you why you’re doing it in the first place. It may be your bestie or your trusted team mate. In Melissa’s case, it’s often her boyfriend, Rocco Nacino, who is into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


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“It’s nice to have someone who is also an athlete who understands you,” Melissa gushes. “I’ve dated non-athletes and they don’t understand how passionate an athlete is when it comes to their own sport."


4. Set fitness goals both big and small.

It’s extremely motivating when you see yourself starting to tick your fitness goals boxes. When you have a clear purpose and the answer to your “WHY” your focus becomes sharper, so much so, that during the times when get derailed and you feel like giving up, you can easily get back on track. Melissa seconds this: “Having a purpose when you are doing something will keep the passion or fire burning.”



5. Have fun with your food!

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to wring out all the fun and flavor from your food. Remember, you’re trying to get past a hurdle and you need a picker-upper to boost your way up. Switch things up once in a while. Add flavor or texture while staying faithful to your diet.

“I have an airfryer and it helps me a lot!” shares Melissa. “I also bring cans of tuna during days when I’m on the go. I love the Mega Tuna Spanish style variant. Despite of not being a fan of spicy foods, I still eat it but with cauli-rice to balance everything. I even eat it straight from the can sometimes.”



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