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How To Stay Beach-Body Ready All Year-Long, As Told By Wil, Nico, And Mond

When we find ourselves close to a point of job burnout, we call for a beach trip to recharge and ease our minds. It’s usually part of our weekend plans with friends and family, but being spontaneous is also a good idea at times.


Philam Life Brand Ambassadors Nico Bolzico Wil Dasovich and Mond Gutierrez


While a spur-of-the-moment getaway is fun and exciting, some prefer to look beach-body ready for the ‘gram as they try to score nice snaps at a picturesque island. Need some tips and tricks? Here’s what fitness buffs Wil Dasovich, Nico Bolzico, and Mond Gutierrez revealed to us in an exclusive interview with Metro.Style.


Keep track of what you eat. “I have two rules: I do intermittent fasting so I eat eight hours a day and I try not to eat anything processed. As long as it’s not processed and I can see what I’m eating—if it’s beef, vegetable, or fruit—I try to stick to that,” Nico shares. Meanwhile, Mond stresses the importance of eating enough calories. “A lot of people who are dieting tend to under-eat. Make sure you don’t under-eat. You have to keep yourself healthy by eating the right things. Right now, I’m eating a lot of fish, salads, vegetables, and sweet potatoes.”


Get enough sleep. “For me, that’s really one of the pillars,” continues Nico. “Get enough sleep for eight hours.”


Squeeze exercise into your day. Mond tells Metro.Style, “Work out and make it a priority, whether you create time for it or just make it part of your daily habit, walk up the stairs or walk to your car.”


Use apps that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Wil, Mond, and Nico use apps like Philam Vitality where users can earn rewards for boosting their health. “I make sure I hit my goals on the app so I have it set on 600 calories. I make sure to hit that every single day,” says Wil. “Last night, I needed to burn 20 more calories so I went on a walk and got it.”