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Fitspiration: Content Creator Jeff Ong

He emphasizes the value of discipline and consistency to be able to achieve the body of your dreams

We live in the day and age where we see transformations of all sorts on Instagram and TikTok. Beauty makeovers, instant recipes, weight loss and fitness transformations—you name it, you'll find it online! But the thing about these bite-sized transformations is that you don't really get to see the amount of time and effort it took to create that 60-second clip—one that you'll most likely just breeze through with one scroll up or down. These days, it's good to think about appreciating the process, no matter how long it takes, in order to arrive at these amazing results. 

One such transformation we recently noticed was that of Jeff Ong, a fashion and fitness content creator on Instagram and TikTok, when we saw his journey to joining the famed Century Tuna Superbods competition. 

Jeff Ong | @iamjeffong

In an Instagram post, he stated prior to revealing he was joining the competition, "Preparing for something since last year with bro bro @ming.jereza. Can you guess what for? Clue: 🐟 Started bulking to gain some muscle mass around April 2023, had some challenges but still pushed through with it. Had a mini-cut around December 2023 and finally we decided to cut down last January 18, 2024. From 180lbs, we are now down to 160lbs. 2 weeks to go. Let’s go!"

We knew we had to talk to Jeff about this transformation, so we decided to ask him all of our burning questions about the painstaking process it took for him to land this body!

Jeff Ong with wife and fellow content creator, Rhea Bue-Ong | @iamjeffong

Metro.Style: Give us a brief story of your Century Tuna Bods journey so far. Where did you get the motivation to join?

Jeff Ong: I decided to join the Century Tuna Superbods last April 2023, and that's the time I got a coach, Ming Jereza. He asked me about my plan and I told him that I want to prepare and join the Century Tuna Superbods auditions this 2024. We bulked up for nine months to gain some muscle mass and we started cutting or shredding last January 2024, just in time for the live auditions last April 2024. I get my motivation from my dream to be the best version of myself.

MS:  How did you start with your fitness journey? What challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

JO: I started my fitness journey during college. I was obese that time and borderline diabetic. My mom pushed me to workout. It was hard at first, I quit working out several times before being consistent. All I can say is that was one of the best decisions I have ever made—to have an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Jeff's fitness transformation

MS:  Tell us about the fitness program your coach gave you. How can others (including women) get into this kind of fitness approach?

JO: The program my coach gave me was calorie-based. We did a calorie surplus while focusing on macros (protein, fats, and carbs) during the bulking phase to gain some muscle mass. After that, we switched to a calorie deficit to shred and cut. Everyone can do this approach but they need to know their maintenance calories first based on their age, gender, and physical activities.

MS: What's your diet like?

JO: My diet mainly consists of the needed macros: Carbs, fat, protein, etc. But we make sure that it is balanced and it is measured to the targeted calorie intake per day.

MS: How do you treat yourself?

JO: I treat my body as a temple because I believe in the saying that you are what you eat. Being honest with yourself and knowing and doing the next step to be the best version of yourself will make a big difference.

Jeff Ong, Century Tuna Superbods finalist | Gee Plamenco

MS: What's your best advice for people struggling with fitness?

JO: My advice for the people struggling with fitness is to just START. Just start doing it and stop overthinking. Working out for 30 minutes is better than not working out at all. But incase of special situations, I advice people to get professional help from fitness coaches to get the proper guidance. 

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