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Learn About The Three-Pronged Approach

Getting into shape isn’t just about the kind of exercise to do anymore. It’s also about the diet, and more recently, wellness and non-invasive treatments that target areas many people usually struggle with in terms of reducing or toning. It’s this three-pronged plan that fitness buffs are doing for a more holistic approach, says ISSA personal trainer and Crossfit instructor Kit Guerra.

“You only spend one hour a day at the gym, do you expect your body to be on the right track to your goals just by doing so? No. Dieting right and recovering right are crucial aspects that push your body to healthy state. A proper diet aids you in increasing metabolism and the processing of proper nutrients, while treatments and recovery will prepare you for the next day of work.”

The three-pronged approach roots from the 37 year-old Pritikin Program, which had put emphasis on “nutrition, exercise, and mind-body health.” In particular, it’s a diet plan underlining veggies, fish, and low-fat dairy as main protein sources, proven effective for weight loss only with exercise and stress management. Blame the growth of gyms and the birth of wellness tourism. Today, fitness and wellness experts and enthusiasts work on denominations and customizations, even incorporating cardio training and sleep in the mix.


Lose Weight & Tone


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Exercise: Self-defense workouts. They’re having a comeback, with more studios conducting classes inspired by metabolic activities that work on coordination, power, and balance: martial arts, MMA, boxing, and even Parkour. Plus, these workouts are a stress reliever!

Diet: DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet. From its name, it’s meant to lower your cholesterol and improve blood circulation. “With a restriction to empty carbs, you can still enjoy you rice and bread with a balanced meal,” stresses Kit.

Treatment: Sculpsure. Proven to remove 24% of treated fat cells that will never regenerate, this breakthrough, non-invasive method helps you get toned as early as six weeks. Log on to for more details.



Build Muscle & Get Strong


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Exercise: Functional fitness. “The best way to gain strength is to work on your compound movements,” says Kit. Integrating different workouts done in higher intensity and faster speed, this workout promises muscle growth and strength you can use for everyday activities.

Diet: Weight Watchers. It’s said to be the easiest-to-follow diet as you get to indulge on healthy foods that’ll only satiate you rather than diets that starve you. “Focusing on carb cycling and protein intake, a calculated diet is just what you need for your body to work towards your goals 24/7,” says Kit

Treatment: Venus Freeze. Said to be like having a stone massage, this treatment employs “MP2 technology, a combination of pulsed magnetic fields and multipolar radio frequency,” which heats the dermis to develop newer collagen fibers and help regenerate capillary loops. Adds Kit, “It makes your muscles pop with every session!” Log on to Aivee.PH, which offers this service, if you’re curious.



This article was originally published as “In Shape in 1, 2 3!” by Barry Viloria in Metro Magazine September 2016 issue. Photo courtesy of Skechers.