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Marsden’s “Fit to Lead”: Hitting Two Birds With A Stone

Married couple Marcus and Sari Marsden recently wrote “Fit to Lead: Transforming Your Leadership with the Five Pillars of Performance” this year.

The authors aim to achieve an amalgamation of executive coaching and fitness training to have a holistic system:  something than can balance both professional and personal growth through the 5 Pillars of Performance which includes physical, mental, emotional, support, and practice.

Marsdens argue that these pillars work “synergistically to generate sustainable performance excellence”. This is best achieved by having a balance of both internal and external systems.

For the internal system, the Marsdens emphasizes one’s physical, mental, and emotional states along with working towards external systems such as of relationships around a person and their practice.



As per Kelly Poulos’ review on their book, “at last, a truly fresh take on leadership! […] Their inspiring and practical story is compelling both personally and professionally”. She is international business consultant, a performance coach, and a co-author of best-selling “Secrets of Winning”.

“Fit to Lead” is relatable because most people struggle with balancing professional and personal states. Some have boosted their professional growth, but have failed at health, and vice versa. Most of the time, we cannot balance the two.

The book gives us small realizations that can transform to bigger ideas to make proactive choices for a meaningful life. I honestly admire how the Marsdens wrote it- very straightforward, with wit, and motivating.


About the power couple: Marcus is inclined with leadership development and personal growth facilitation. Sari, on the other hand, uses body as a medium to achieve personal growth and development.

Both currently reside in Singapore and own Sarius Performance International, “a performance consultancy that combines the worlds of personal development and executive coaching with the worlds of physical movement, fitness, and nutrition.”