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Quaran-TONE Your Legs, Arms, And Abs With These 4-Minute Intensive Workouts

These high-intensity workouts from fitness show “Metabeats” are all you need this quarantine

Have you taken advantage of the quarantine to start working on your fitness goals and toning your body? If you’ve been holding out for the right workout, maybe you can start with these coach-approved “4-minute burst” workouts that have been proven to work when it comes to losing weight, building strength, and toning your body.

These 4-minute workouts have been developed by fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret for Metabeats, a Metro Channel fitness show currently airing on cable and via’s Youtube channel. The name of the show, Metabeats, actually stands for “metabolic fitness training” since the workouts are designed to boost your metabolism while working out to music.


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Coaches Jim and Toni uniquely designed these “4-minute burst” workouts themselves, with the intention of creating a workout routine that will provide the same results without the need for special gym equipment. Coach Jim is the founder of Athletic Performance Enhancement Training and has conducted training and seminars for various fitness brands. Coach Toni is a certified Zumba and Crossfit instructor, and a training coach for the Philippine Olympic Committee.

This 4-minute template has been proven effective for those who joined The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition in 2011 and 2014, and has been used by national athletes, as well. They’re easy enough to follow, but is intensive enough to help you lose weight, tone your muscles, strengthen the body, and achieve an overall better fitness.

4-minute workout, 1-minute rest

Each Metabeats burst is made up of four minutes of intensive workout followed by a one-minute rest. A full set of Metabeats series is four different sets of four-minute bursts, totaling in 20 minutes of workout (including rest).

What’s great about each episode of Metabeats is that it comes with a short warm-up before the start of the workout, which is very important before doing any physical activity. Coach Jim and Toni also break down each movement before the start of the 4-minute burst, so you’ll know how to do each movement correctly, or how to make it easier or simpler if you need to.


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To start off, here are some full sets of Metabeats, depending on what you want to work on.

1. Work and tone your core

2. Tone your abs, arms, and legs

3. Body combat

4. Overall total body workout

Watch Metabeats from Mondays to Fridays on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD every day.

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