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EXCLUSIVE: Everything You Need To Know About How Nadine Lustre Got In Shape, According To Her Personal Trainer

If there's one person who knows how to break the internet, it's "Multimedia Queen" Nadine Lustre.



The multi-hyphenate star recently caught us by surprise as she announced that she has collaborated with international fashion giant H&M for an exclusive swimsuit collection dubbed "Selected by Nadine", available in H&M stores nationwide soon!




It goes without saying that we're setting aside a huge chunk of our summer budget so we can splurge on not one, not two, but a lot of pieces from this affordable swimsuit collection that fits every body type, and every style personality! Gearing up for a memorable summer season ahead has never been this exciting!

On top of obsessing over what cut or print to get, we couldn't help but sit up and take notice of Ms. Lustre's flawlessly fit physique—one that has been toned to perfection! The stylish actress/singer has been diligently paying her dues in the gym and watching her diet, and her efforts have clearly paid off. Wondering how exactly she got into the best shape of her life? You're in luck, because we talked to Nadine's personal trainer Lahaina Mae Mondoñedo, who was awesome enough to let us in on her best tips and tricks!

Scroll ahead, and start to take down notes, for you're about to get major motivation!



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Metro.Style: Tell us about yourself. What is your fitness background and specialty? Who do you work with in the showbiz world? 

Lahaina Mae Mondoñedo: I’m a former journalist turned marathoner and OCR athlete. I’ve been running races since 2013, but it wasn’t till I moved to Manila last year that I actually started working in fitness. I am currently the Director of Operations of ProMedia Productions—we produce fitness, beauty, and entertainment events, but I am more hands on when it comes to our fitness arm, which is how I came about training Nadine [Lustre]. ProMedia started training Lauren Reid first, then James Reid, and now Nadine as well. They are first and foremost good friends of mine, so helping them with their fitness was something I was happy to do.



MS: Tell us about your method. What do you call your program/diet plan for your clients?

LMM: Our method has its origins in body building, which are the types of events that ProMedia started off with. Through the leadership of ProMedia’s head trainer Gib Osbert Ang, we utilize the fundamentals used in body building to sculpt all types of bodies, and we call it the Athletes’ Body System or A.B.S.

It’s a very customized approach in determining one's training program and diet. Nadine’s diet and workout routine is different from mine, and different from Lauren’s as well. Our bodies are unique; they react differently; and our goals are also different; so we monitor each individual closely and make adjustments to the diet and workouts in real time. 


MS: What was Nadine like with her fitness and diet when you first met her?

LMM: Nadine likes working out, but as you can imagine, it wasn’t the priority with her extremely busy work schedule. I really appreciated her willingness to train, and she would take a spin class here and there when she had the time. I believe the more difficult part for her was her diet. She is truly a hardworking person, and quite often, she would forget to eat with the busyness of her day. When she does get to eat, she would eat whatever she could get her hands on—healthy or not. However, that was a bad habit she knew she had to ditch when she first approached me. She needed no convincing to change whatsoever. 




MS: What is her guilty pleasure when it comes to food? What do you consider "treats" for Nadine when she's on a strict diet/fitness regimen?

LMM: She loves sauces and snacks—very understandable, but not very good for her diet! Luckily, Athlete’s Bite—the meal-prep service that prepares her meals based on our nutritional specifications—finds ways to make dishes extremely flavourful using spices and healthier alternatives to common sauces, that are often heavy on the oil, sodium, sugar, and cream.

I strongly suggest to stay away from snacking. However, if it’s absolutely necessary, Nadine and I have the protein chips and protein cookies from Athlete’s Bite. They are low in carbs and virtually have no sugar, but have enough protein to fill you up like a full meal. Other than that, we do like a good steak, which we have as a treat after a good week of disciplined training and eating.

If you mention “steak” to her, you can see her refocus and push harder. 



Tuna + Avocado ?

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Lunch with my fave lady. @myplustre

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MS: Tell us about her workout program in a week. And how does it progress in the months to come?

LMM: We have Nadine doing weights three times a week. She has a beautiful structure already, but we wanted to focus on sculpting her abs and glutes. With that in mind, we did abs and glute exercises every weight session. Then in addition, we did split training, which means we focused on a different body part/area every session. Nadine’s weight-lifting program looks like this:

Day 1 - Glutes, abs and delts

Day 2 - Glutes, abs, back and rear delts

Day 3 - Glutes, abs, and pecs

Then when leading up to a specific event or shoot that she wants to look extra fit for, we would add in some cardio to help her lean out. Based on her progress, we make adjustments on some exercises on a weekly basis, but staying consistent with the fundamentals of this program is what gives her currently toned and curvaceous look.  



MS: How about her diet plan? What's it like? What foods did you incorporate into her diet? Anything that's absolutely not allowed?

LMM: Her diet is composed of four meals a day designed for her to consume her allotted macronutrients, build muscle, and keep her metabolism fired up. Each meal has an exact amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat that we calculated specifically for her. 

She had a little bit of everything since she easily gets bored with the same type of food. She eats eggs, chicken, beef, fish, rice, bread, oats and a variety of vegetables. They are all prepared and packed by Athlete’s Bite and she can easily take them around with her. Since this covers all her nutritional needs for the day, she is not allowed to eat anything other than those four meals.


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MS: What are your top 3 fitness and diet tips our readers can appreciate?

LMM: 1) Eat to fuel yourself — When it comes to eating healthy, one has to be aware of what you’re eating and what that food does to your body. I recommend eating substantial calories and avoid empty ones. Personally, I know eating too much starchy carbs makes me feel heavy and groggy, then hungry again shortly after. So I often opt for more protein than bread or potatoes, and as many vitamin- and nutrient-dense foods as possible. Also, steer clear of processed foods!

2) Treat being active as an essential part of your day — Don’t think of working out as a chore, but as a daily task—like showering, eating, sleeping or even breathing. The most used reason I hear for not working out, is one being too busy. That is most often very true. That was my excuse for years, and I found that changing my view of working out has helped me make it a priority. I wouldn't start my day without brushing my teeth. I do the same with working out.

3) Do what works for you — Every person is different—likes, dislikes, and body chemistry. The key for a healthy lifestyle is making it a lifestyle. If you don’t like running, maybe try weight lifting or a spin class or even yoga? If you are allergic to seafood, try to stick to lean chicken and beef. “Healthy” is also relative to the individual—see what works for you, and stay consistent with it.


The "Selected by Nadine" swimsuit collection will be out in all H&M stores nationwide starting March 14, 2019.

Photos courtesy of H&M. Special thanks to Lahaina Mae Mondoñedo.