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Now That Binge-Eating Season Is Done, Here’s How You Can Get Back On the Fitness Track

The festivities are officially over (READ: post-holiday reunions that make you extend your binge eating and drinking spree.) Resolution-making season is officially in full swing. We're pretty sure that you listed down "lose weight" or "get fit" somewhere on your list, and we're all for it!

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As the days of January go by, sadly, a lot of us would have gone back to our old ways, abandoning all will and motivation to get those resolutions ticked off our list. When the fire and enthusiasm slowly decrease and ‘life’ starts to overwhelm your schedule in the next few weeks, our wellness goals may take the backseat. But don’t let this happen—why not start the year right by shopping for brand new fitness wardrobe? This may just be the key to jumpstarting your motivation!



We found a brand that will cater to our specific needs—apparel that boasts both style and functionality. Meet Bo Athletics.


During the brand’s 3-day fitness camp in La Union last year, we were introduced to their line of fashionable and comfortable sports and gym wear that’s perfect for both the ladies and the gents. Going through the workouts prepared by fitness group Tao Tribe led by model/entrepreneur/fitness guru Hideo Muraoka, from circuit training to volleyball, and yoga to surfing—we were able to move with ease and in style!


Bo Athletics carries dri-fit shirts, statement tees (so you can wear encouragement on your sleeve, literally), caps, jackets, compression pants and shorts, and everything else that you might need while working out. They’re also cooking up new merchandise soon, to further place Bo Athletics as a complete lifestyle brand. “It’s really about seeing Bo as part of people’s active lives—appreciating and embracing the lifestyle. With a lot of things affecting our health like stress and eating unhealthy food, it’s really up to us to make that choice. We would want to really support this advocacy,” Yeng Ardiente of Bo Athletics says.


Now that you've got the shopping part done, it's time to begin your journey to fitness; stop making excuses and start moving! Hoard Bo Athletics tops, bottoms, and everything else that you can take from their shelves—we promise that going through your workouts, whether it be a 30-minute indoor cardio session or an hour of intense weight lifting at the gym, your new wardrobe will help keep you in chic and tip-top shape!



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