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These Fitness Studios Have Created The Best Workout Experience For You At Home

Miss heading out to your specialized workout studio? Don't fret, for now, you can bring them into your home!

As the country continues to be in some form of quarantine, life will definitely not go back to the way things were—we are far from 'business as usual', so with extraordinary times, comes extraordinary solutions. Over the past two months, everyone has tried to cope despite missing the regular things they love doing outside the house—dining out, shopping, and even working out. 

Admittedly, working out at home is not the easiest thing to do, as there are a million distractions, and oftentimes, the laziness gets to us, which is why a lot of people opt to go to the gym to get their sweat sessions done. But these days, heading out to our favorite workout studios is still next to impossible, as the pandemic threat still looms over us.

The solution? Our favorite workout studios have come to us virtually to coach us during these uncertain times! 


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While nothing beats actually being in our favorite workout studios, feeling the music blasting in the background and being with our friends, these fitness brands have taken the necessary steps to make your workouts at home feel a little closer to the actual experience!

With one-on-one coaching, equipment rental, unlimited virtual classes, and more, you're closer to achieving your fitness goals while on quarantine. Because when things are out of control outside, one thing we can surely take control of is our health! Scroll ahead to learn more:

The Movement Studio #SweatHome XSTREAM

The Movement Studio, which has a "Sweat Cave" in the heart of BGC, has taken the virtual world by storm, as they introduce their "SweatHome XSTREAM", a specialized full body strength and cardio online training program available for anyone looking for a sustainable way to workout. 

With SweatHome XSTREAM, you burn the right way with their carefully curated Movements and High Intensity Interval Training, to push you to your limits. The Movement Studio professional coaches will be there to guide you along the way, so you can hustle to maintain and build strength and endurance, even at home. The 'Movements' push, pull, twist, and recover pertain to alternating muscle focus to ensure that the body gets a balanced workout and proper time to recover. Best of all, you still feel like you're in a class, even if you're hustling as you stay at home.

Check out a sample class from The Movement Studio's SweatHome XSTREAM session for Rexona recently:

To learn more and register for single or unlimited monthly classes, log on here.


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Onelife Studio's Onelife-At-Home

Frequent the pilates studio before the lockdown happened? Fret not, for one of Manila's best pilates studios Onelife Studio is bringing you their brand of personalized services at the comforts of your own home. With this program, you get personal virtual coaching as if you were in the studio itself, and whether you choose to do it using your laptop or smartphone, just as long as you have an internet connection and video services, you're good to go!

Expect only the best expertly-guided exercise sessions you love at home, depending on your fitness goals. You can either sign up for a single session (good for two hours), a virtual physical therapy class, or virtual personal training. Those looking for programs such as a 4-week scoliosis program, or 4-week low back pain relief can also find such options in the site!

To register for your first starter pack class, log on here.


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Perigon's Stay In Club

Indoor cycling enthusiasts are some of the people that really miss working out in a studio, for indoor cycling sessions often involve a dark room, neon lights, blasting, pumping music, and an instructor who's there to coach and push you to your limits! Perigon heeds the call of its fans and launches the 'Stay In Club', their program for virtual indoor cycling classes! 

Their Stay In Club offers a bunch of options for those who want to continue cycling in their homes: 1 or 3-month memberships that include a bike, a pair of cycling shoes, and a pair of dumbbells. Other offers include digital sessions wherein one does not necessarily have to use a Perigon bike—just get your own regular stationary bike out, and get moving! Their digital sessions are offered on a per class and monthly unlimited sessions, so you pick what suits you!

Check out a sample virtual class by one of Perigon's cycling instructors Fold Canela:

To register for a class or purchase a program, log on here.

Stay in, stay at home, stay sweaty!

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