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Tandem Workouts Are A Thing. This Is Why It's Good For You

Working out is one of those things most of us find challenging, and to make it a new year's resolution to get fit oftentimes feels like a far-fetched dream; and so a lot of us tend to give up even before January has ended. This year though, we want to make sure we all get in on the fitness bandwagon and actually achieve our goal of getting fit and healthy for 2019!

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We're well aware of the challenge that comes along with working out: getting up earlier than usual, sweating it out in the gym when you can be lying in bed watching Netflix, cutting down on food and alcohol, sleeping earlier so you can perform better in the gym the next day, the list goes on! These common challenges do come with their fair share of difficulty, but nothing that can't be overcome. Going at it alone can surely sharpen your self-discipline and skills, but with tandem workouts, the uphill climb is a lot more fun. This 2019, we're partnering with a workout buddy! Allow us to give you reasons why it's good for you...



Side, diagonal, back. Repeat. #jojalife

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1. It's more fun when you workout with a buddy.

Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes, known as #JoJa, are both Victoria's Secret Angels, and have been working out in tandem for a good couple of years now. These supermodels know that maintaining their physique for all the lingerie shoots they have to do and walking the biggest fashion show year after year is way more fun with a fitness buddy. In an Instagram post, they even said "Nothing is a bigger motivation for us than each other!! ???? (tag your workout buddy!!) #jojalife". Check out some of their routines below:



CORE! Let’s go! ?? #jojalife

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Abs around the world ?? 10 each way x 3 #jojalife

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Instead of slaving away at the gym by your lonesome, why not make a weekly workout date with your best friend and help each other reach your fitness goals? This way, you get to catch up while strengthening your bodies and minds. You can even do a fitness tour and try out different workout studios in the city to keep things fun and surprising, as opposed to just meeting up to eat and drink.



Happy Sunday! High 5 for killing it this week JoJa fam? #jojalife

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when you have no gym so you use each other as weights.. ?????? #jojalife

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2. Your workout buddy is your accountability partner.

Admit it: it's way easier to give up on a resolution when no one else knows about it. Chances are, we keep convincing ourselves in our head that "one day" we'll do it, but because there's no one else to push us, we end up giving up altogether. Avoid this trap this year by enlisting a workout buddy who can check on your progress and push you to do better every single day. Having this person on speed dial allows you to confess your "sins" AKA binge eating, skipping a workout, drinking too much, then allowing him or her to encourage you to get back on track. 

We recently saw Isabelle Daza and Anne Curtis start the year right by opting to do a workout together, and we can't help but want to call our bestie for a sweat session STAT!



They've been doing tandem workouts for some time now, and it looks like they're not slowing down anytime soon! Belle and Anne are currently being trained by beast trainer Arnold Aninion, the same guy behind Raymond Gutierrez's success. We can't wait to see more tandem sessions from these two!




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3. Working out with a partner can help you perfect your form and performance.

Sure, you can look at yourself in the mirror at the gym as you do your reps, but having someone with you when you workout actually helps you take note of the areas where you need improvement. This person can also help spot for you when you're lifting heavy weights, and he or she can actually be your cheerleader as you go hard in the gym. Whatever angle you look at it, achieving your fitness goals with a partner makes this way easier, and undeniably more fun. 



@rjathayde surely set the tone of our first workout of the year. ???? @dogpound

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Lovi Poe and Rhian Ramos recently crushed a workout together at New York City's famed Dogpound gym, mostly frequented by elite athletes, celebrities, and models. These two set the tone right for the year ahead, by challenging themselves with exercise routines that are more fun when done together. 



Conquering milestones in the gym is best done with a partner, and you get to cheer each other on, and celebrate successes as well. Working out together makes you rub off each other's energy too, so sharing the motivation and the drive to crush every workout is achieved. The result? Great performace every single session!

This year, whether you pick your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, or your most trusted bestie to be your fitness partner, be sure to do it now, and have fun with it! Cheers to living the fit life!



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Lead photos from @isabelledaza, @joja, and @lovipoe