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Why The Jump Rope Workout Is Everyone’s New Fitness Obsession This Quarantine

Here’s everything you need to know about the jump rope workout—what it is, how to get started, and why are our favorite celebrities jumping into this new trend

The quarantine period has really become a great opportunity for many people to start, continue, or level up their fitness journeys. In times where maintaining and a strong and healthy body has become paramount in protecting yourself against the virus, exercising at home became a new trend that continues to benefit everyone.

Amidst all the different kinds of workout to try, jump rope has emerged as one of the stronger picks—mainly because of: one, its nostalgic appeal, bringing us back to our childhood days when jump rope was a fun exercise with our friends; two, it’s a great cardio activity that you can do in under 10 minutes; and three, there’s minimal requirement involved because you only need a jump rope!

Ready to jump into this new fun, challenging, and healthy trend? Here’s everything you need to know about the jump rope workout that’s taking the quarantine world by storm.

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How To Stay Active And Reach 10,000 Steps Even If You're Just At Home

The benefits of jump rope as cardio

Cardiovascular exercises are very important especially in these times when we barely do anything physical from staying at home. While cardio is most popularly regarded as a great activity for burning fat and losing weight, it comes with a lot more health benefits. It helps strengthen the heart to reduce the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It’s also helps in strengthening the immune system, which is essential against Covid-19.

Since our mental disposition is greatly challenged as we continue to stay home, it’s also nice to know that cardio exercises can help elevate your mood, lower your stress levels, and even contribute to a good night’s sleep.

The perks of jump rope as a quarantine exercise

Since walking, running, and biking—some of the most popular cardio activities—are risky during the pandemic, and buying a treadmill or spinning machine for your home is just too expensive, your next best cardio choice is jump rope.

Jumping rope only requires two things: a big enough space and a jump rope. In fact, jump ropes are so affordable. You can get one from Jump Manila, a popular Instagram account for jump rope enthusiasts, for as low as 205 pesos. These beaded ropes come in five colors, too!

If you’re looking for something more premium, check out this golden jump rope that Ellen Adarna uses from FitandCo Ph.

If you’re also always short on time, you don’t need to spend so much time to reap the rewards of jumping rope. According to a Cooper Institute Aerobic Test, a 10-minute jump rope is equivalent to a 30-minute run since it can raise your heart rate at least 2 to 3 times faster than other workouts. In fact, if you’re starting out, you can skip rope at least five minutes every day. How easy is that?

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Here's Every Workout Kim Chiu Is Doing While On Quarantine

Some important information to start you off

If you’re an absolute beginner when it comes to exercising, you might want to start off using a rubber mat under you when you’re skipping rope. This will provide additional cushion for your ankles and joints compared to harder surfaces like concrete or wood.

Don’t jump rope barefoot. To protect yourself from injuries, wear proper sports and athletic shoes when skipping rope.

9.8ft Adjustable Jump Rope

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  • 9.8ft Adjustable Jump Rope

Don’t jump rope barefoot. To protect yourself from injuries, wear proper sports and athletic shoes when skipping rope.

Keep in mind that conditioning before and after a jump rope session is just as important because it decreases your risk of injury. Always start off with dynamic warm-ups and end with a couple of stretches.

Rest is important, too. If you’re a beginner, don’t force yourself to go at it every day. Take the next day off and see if your body can handle more after that. Fitness experts recommend to keep exercise during this quarantine regular but light. This is so you’re not overworking your immunity during the healing process or rest period, which may be dangerous when we’re in the middle of a health crisis.

Check out Happy Fingers Jumps and Jump Manila for tutorials and inspiration to get you started. They have tons of videos and challenges to get you motivated on your jump rope journey.

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LEARN THE SWITCH CROSS IN JUST 1 MINUTE! . Ah, another coveted trick sure to challenge your coordination and timing! The switch cross is an intermediate variation of the traditional criss-cross; while visually similar, the switch cross requires the jumper to ‘switch’ overhands during the traditional uncross sequence. . Keys to success: 1️⃣ DO NOT RUSH THE SWITCH! Timing beats speed ever more in this move. Do this move as slowly as possible so that you can get comfortable with the half-second switch interval 2️⃣ RUN IN PLACE. I strongly recommend learning this move with run in place footwork since you have one less leg to worry about when you cross and uncross. Once you get comfortable, practice with either basic bounce or boxer step. 3️⃣ TAKE YOUR TIME. Again and again, I say this. This is a trick that will cause you to mess up a lot especially if you’ve already learned criss-cross because it messes with the muscle memory you’ve built over time when learning the traditional cross-uncross movement. Relax, breathe, and move as fast as you can control. You’ll unlock it with time and consistency 👌 . Tag or DM @happyfingersjumps for any jump rope questions and continue to #MasterYourBasics! 🎼: @jawsh_685 - Siren Beat • • • • • • #HappyfingersJumps #DoTheThing #TheyRunWeFly #JumpRopeManila #JumpRopeMalaysia #JumpRopePhilippines #JumpRopeIndonesia #JumpRope #WeJump #RopeOClock #RopeRage #Cardio #Exercise #GetFit #Strong #SkippingRope #Crossfit #Rope #HealthyChoices #Crossrope #TBE #Dedication #WeightLoss

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And to see all your fellow Pinoy who are jumping on this trend, join the Jump Fest PH community on Instagram. It’s an ongoing virtual jumping rope challenge open to anyone—whether you’re a jumper wannabe who wants to learn the basics of skipping rope or you’re a workout junkie who’s looking to add something new to your routine. The page has insider tricks, fun challenges, and even prizes for participants!

Celebrities spotted

The jump rope trend has really grown that we’ve seen some of our favorite local celebrities taking on the challenge!

Kim Chiu, for one, has been very active in posting and sharing her fitness journey on Instagram ever since the quarantine started. Apart from running on the treadmill, doing hula hoops, and just working out in general, she has also shared various posts of herself jumping rope.

Kim says about the benefits of jumping rope: “A healthy mind is a healthy body. Medyo nakakabaliw na din sa loob ng bahay! Let’s do this for the endorphins!”

One of her amazing jump rope challenges is the “1000 jumps for 7 days.” Will you take on this challenge, as well?

Lovi Poe has also been very diligent with her workouts at home, inspiring us to stay fit and in shape during the quarantine with her #bodygoals posts, tips on healthy eating, and workout routines.

A great tip we’ve picked up from her is to skip rope to a music, which helps make skipping rope fun and enjoyable. This also helps you focus on the song instead of dwelling on the fatigue and soreness.

Ellen Adarna is one of the most consistently active celebrities we’ve seen through the years. Now that she’s back on social media after the birth of her son, Elias Modesto, she is again showcasing her love for jump rope and yoga on her Instagram page.

Ellen has amazing technique on the jump rope. Check it out!

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