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This Is Why We Still Love Indoor Cycling

A fun fitness experience is something we're always up for!

Who remembers that time when we were scrambling to find out how we were going to workout right when the pandemic lockdowns hit? Thank God we're far from that era already, and now we're back to working out in our favorite fitness studios again. One of which is our longtime favorites, indoor cycling

The question is: How is it that we're still in love with it years after it started to become a fitness trend in Manila? Allow us to fill you in on all the reasons why...

We get to do it with others

Though cycling per se can be done with others, indoor cycling on a stationary bike allows community spirit to foster and grow. Being with likeminded individuals inspires us to keep working on our fitness goals, and we thrive on the energy we give one another every time we attend class!

We enjoy the good music

What's an indoor cycling class without the good music blaring from the speakers? It's technically like going to a dance club minus the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol—and you get to sweat to your favorite dance tunes too! If you're chummy with the instructor, why not request your favorite track of the moment for your next session?

It's a fun way to workout

Unlike certain workouts that tend to be drab and boring after a few sessions, indoor cycling is dynamic and fun, and as mentioned earlier, it's the people you get to spend class with that makes it all the more special! Thinking of spicing things up in your fitness routine? An indoor cycling class may just do the trick!

You don't have to be perfect

If you're feeling intimidated by seasoned cyclists in class, don't be! By experience we can tell that most classmates and instructors are very welcoming to newcomers and beginners—and they are willing to give you a helping hand. If you can't sprint as fast as the others, don't fret! You can totally go at your own pace and simply move as you please. Remember: it should be fun for you, not painful or pressure-filled.

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It never gets old

Every class is a unique experience. Every instructor has his or her own flavor. Music is fresh, moves are changing, and you are evolving with every step you make on the pedal. It may be 2023, but we're still cycling our way to our best selves!

Feeling curious about indoor cycling? Electric Studio has partnered with Rockwell Atletica to bring you an Outdoor Ride this weekend, Saturday, March 11 at the Rockwell Tennis Court. Check out the details on how you can join below:

Have fun and happy cycling!