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WATCH: ‘Seek The Uniq’ Launches A Curated Collection For The Fashionable Fitness Buff!

“A top today, a bolero tomorrow, a bandeau the day after,” wrote Seek the Uniq about a polka dot-printed bolero top on their page.

The short and catchy sentence embodies what Seek the Uniq's recently launched category "Movement" is all about. Stylish, practical, and ultra wearable. “If you’re dressed up in your leggings, you don’t have to look like you’re just working out,” quips Vanessa Santos, the affluent e-commerce platform’s Activewear and Beauty head. “You can mix and match fashion pieces with your workout gear, so there’s more mileage!” 


Seek the Uniq is an online destination for the purveyor of the unique—a haven for chic, carefully curated pieces produced in small batches, each with its own story to tell. By creating a whole lifestyle around being active, the online store encourages women to incorporate workout clothes into their daily wear, allowing women to literally go from the gym to the office, and even to a night out in style. 

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Vanessa of Seek the Uniq gives the lowdown on what fitness enthusiasts can expect from this unique, carefully curated, ultra stylish category. Keep reading!


Metro.Style: What is Seek the Uniq all about?


Seek the Uniq: Seek the uniq is an e-commerce boutique that has been around for five years. It was started by our founder Mikka Padua, and I joined her some time in 2013 to head the Fashion and Beauty category. Basically, we sell everything from fashion and beauty to home. It’s curated finds from all over the world. There are a lot of brands from the Philippines, too.


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MS: What inspired you to launch the Movement category?

STU: Wellness is a big part of my life—I do yoga 5 times a week! We decided to spin off the beauty category into what we call “Movement”, which is basically creating a whole lifestyle around being active. Actually, it started about a year ago but we’re just launching it now. We’ve now created a bigger selection to choose from.


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MS: Describe Seek the Uniq’s fashion aesthetic.

STU: Seek the Uniq’s aesthetic is very gypsy and eclectic. There are a lot of prints, and there are different kinds of fabrics used. Basically, we mix together workout gear from curated brands with key fashion pieces. The idea is to fuse them together to really maximize your wardrobe, while encouraging people to incorporate exercise pieces. 

One of our brands is called Love and Madness—it actually started as a children’s line, but a lot of its fabrics are for swimming. If you look at the photos on our page, you’ll see that you can use the same bodysuit to the beach, and then you can pair it with some leggings and wear it to the studio. After that, you can throw on some heels and a cocktail skirt so you can use the exact same bodysuit for a night out. That’s the whole concept: maximizing your pieces and seeing how you can actually use things differently.



MS: How many brands does the Movement category currently have?

STU: For the fashion pieces in "Movement", we have about eight brands. Two are local, and the rest are curated cult brands from all over the world. We’re quite proud and we really want to support the local brands that we have. One of them is Atsui, and we’re hoping to do a capsule collection with them soon.



MS: Tell us more about your upcoming capsule collection with Atsui.

STU: Atsui is very on trend, clean, and streamlined. Our collaboration will marry Seek the Uniq’s eclectic flair with Atsui’s technology fabrics and expertise. Expect to see stylish, functional pieces like leggings, performance tanks, and even sporty swimwear.


MS: What can we look forward to from Seek the Uniq in the next few months?

STU: Expect a lot of pop-ups, which we call guide shops, popping all over the city. It’s a way to educate consumers on how to buy online—because there are still clients who want to fit the pieces in person. Everything they’ll see in the shop can’t be physically bought, but there are tablets around so you can buy them online. If you buy them at the event, they’ll be shipped to you for free! 



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View this gallery to see more photos during Seek the Uniq's Movement launch.


Video and photos by Karl Belarmino

Lead photos via @shopseektheuniq