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These Wellness And Fitness Studios Have Reopened Their Doors For Studio Activities

Here’s where you can stay safe while working on being fit and healthy

It’s been almost a year since the country entered full lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. With the loosening of restrictions and the modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) set to roll out by March, more and more fitness and wellness centers have started to resume operations to cater to patrons and clients whose fitness and health development has come to a pause during the quarantine.

Wellness and fitness have really taken the centerstage throughout the pandemic, especially when there’s really no other way to protect yourself and your family from the virus apart from staying indoors, boosting your immune system, and keeping an eye on your health.

While gyms were the first ones to reopen last year, it’s good to know that more wellness studios like yoga studios, wellness facilities, and training spaces have started to reopen. Many people have different wellness and fitness needs, so it’s always nice to have options. And as more centers also reopen, there will be more incentive for people to start working again on themselves, with enough facilities and space to go around.  

If you’re ready to continue your fitness and wellness training, or maybe you’re convinced that it’s finally time to start paying more attention to your health, here are some wellness and fitness studios that have reopened to welcome you back in their studios.

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Onelife Studio

When it comes to fitness goals, many people often forget to prioritize sustainability. Working hard towards our goals is great, but if we continue pushing our bodies without paying attention to muscle degradation and fatigue, we might hurt ourselves in the long run instead.

Sustainability and overall body health is the goal of Onelife Studio, a premier Pilates studio in the country that offers personalized health and fitness program by combining the very best of Pilates, physical therapy, and functional training.

Onelife Studios is home to top-of-the-line equipment, licensed physiologists, and trained professionals that will guide you through low-impact but high-payoff training. You can customize your training based on your current conditions and goals such as general fitness, injury prevention and management, posture and alignment, pre/post natal fitness, mobility and flexibility, and sport specific conditioning.

“We take pride in creating personalized programs that account for each client’s limitations and capabilities. Our goal is for you to have progress that you can sustain for life,” reads one of Onelife’s posts on Instagram.

For beginners, they have the New-to-Onelife Starter Pack designed to start you off on your journey. For a promotional price of P5,000, the package includes one health, fitness, and posture assessment session; three personal training sessions; and one physio-led stretch session valued at P10,000.

In line with health and safety protocols, Onelife only accepts bookings made beforehand for their San Juan and Makati studios. All patrons are also required to wear face masks in the studio at all times, while trainers are equipped in full PPE.

You can schedule your sessions at the San Juan branch by calling 0917-895-1762 and at the Makati branch via 0917-139-4726. You can also message them on Instagram at @onelifestudio.

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Yogaphoria studio

In a time of anxiety, yoga at home really took off to help people calm their minds, find a time and space for relaxation, and work on strengthening and healing their bodies. Yoga is a great wellness and fitness activity that does not just benefit the body, but also nourishes the mind and the inner well-being.

Throughout the pandemic, many yoga studios shifted to online classes, which pretty much revolutionized the way we approach our own fitness and well-being.  And indeed, practicing yoga at home has its own benefits: you’re more comfortable in your own space and you can do it at your own time. However, there is still merit in practicing at a yoga studio: your yoga teacher has more access and understanding of what your body needs in terms of corrections and modifications, and there is a sense of community that’s built when you practice with others who share the same goals and mindset as you.

In January, Yogaphoria Studio finally reopened to offer a space for yogis who need that human element in their practice. The new studio is located at 80 Maginhawa St., Quezon City, and has ample ventilation and space to accommodate a limited class size every day.

Yogaphoria holds 1-2 yoga and wellness classes from Mondays-Saturdays, to give students an option for their preferred class and schedule. There’s YogaLight for beginners; YogaRestore or Yin, a type of restorative practice that helps the body stretch and relax deeply; YogaFlow for those who like Vinyasa and want to work, strengthen, and stretch the entire body; and YogaBurn for those who need that extra challenge.

They also have holistic wellness offerings like meditation and sound healing, which uses vibrational frequencies to bring the body into a deep meditative and peaceful state for psychological benefits and restorative healing.

We're opening our new physical studio at 80 Maginhawa! We know you miss the feeling of practicing in a space with actual...

Posted by Yogaphoria Studio on Friday, January 15, 2021

In line with health and safety protocols, students are encouraged to sign up at least 12 hours before the class by sending a message through their Facebook page at Yogaphoria Studio, sending a text message to 0917-866-6804, or emailing Everyone is also required to wear face masks at all times, and bring their own mats and props.

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Stardanz Fitness Studio

If you’re not the type who enjoys repetitive exercises at the gym or at home, you’ll find that functional fitness is the more fun and practical way to strengthen and condition your body. These activities may take more time and commitment, but every class is always a different experience, and there’s so many new things you can unlock to keep you interested and invested.

And when it comes to functional fitness, there’s the more “exotic” type of activities—so to speak—like pole, aerial silk, and hoop.

Stardanz Fitness Studio was one of the pioneers of pole and aerial arts classes in Quezon City when it launched in 2014, providing formal instruction to dance, pole, and aerial artistry.

“We are committed to inspire, engage, and empower men and women from all walks of life through the art of movement with the end goal of promoting health and fitness,” reads the Stardanz page on Facebook.

Throughout the pandemic, Stardanz continued to offer online classes on dance, strengthening, and flexibility, to keep their students in top shape and condition. Finally, due to demand, they are now reopening their studio at 86 Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia Ave., Quezon City to welcome new and returning students eager to start dancing.

Currently, they have reopened studio classes for dance fitness, pole fitness, aerial hoop, and silk for a limited number of students per class to accommodate proper social distancing. They are also renting out the studio for those who need a space to practice, and are offering private classes for those who’d like less risk and exposure to other people.

For queries and reservations, you can message Stardanz Fitness studio on their Facebook page or send a text to 0906-441-8168.

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UNLTD Biohacking Recovery Center

With the help of science, the possibilities for recovery and strengthening are “unlimited.” This is what’s at the core of UNLTD (Unlimited) Biohacking Recovery Center, the first one of its kind in the Philippines that houses state-of-the-art technology and machines intended to help people get their mind, body, and soul to perform at its optimum. 

So, what exactly does “Biohacking” mean? Biohacking is all about giving your body that extra boost to enable it to take control over your biology by altering the environment around and inside you. This is the what’s at the core of UNLTD, which was established by Eli Abela and launched officially at 123 Pioneer St, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila on February.

“Healing yourself by harnessing the healer within starts by believing that your biology evolved itself to develop survival-focused self-healing powers. Using the machines at UNLTD allows you to gain practical knowledge on how you can defy aging from the inside-out so that your body’s natural ability to detox, repair, restore and regenerate occurs to help you boost immunity and perform at your best without medications, no side effects, and no chemicals,” says Eli.

Eli Abela with the Ozone Therapy machine | UNLTD Biohacking Recovery Center

UNLTD offers a number of healing modalities tailor fit to your own needs and circumstances. For starters, there are machines that can help improve your sleep, help you recover from physical injuries, and improve the way you train. But thanks to the overall benefits of biohacking, UNLTD machines can also help those who suffer from more strenuous illnesses and chronic degenerative diseases like depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, autism, and more.

Some of the machines and therapies housed at UNLTD are: Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, an advanced neuro-technology machine that can enhance memory, improve focus, decrease anxiety, and address cognitive decline among patients with Alzheimer’s, depression, and sleep disorder; Saunaspace Infrared Therapy, a detoxifying near-infrared sauna that uses light and heat shock to promote weight loss, healing of bones and skin, boost immunity, improve circulation, and help patients with rheumatic pain and high blood pressure; Medical Ozone Therapy, which allows oxygen to be distributed to the cells to promote the production of cellular energy fuel and stimulate cellular repair and regeneration in patients with cancer and other viral infections; and Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), a machine that helps athletes and those who suffer from stress-related illnesses, weight problems, and macular degeneration, by accelerating recovery, promoting prevention of sports-related injuries, boosting energy, improving cardiovascular health, and improving physical performance.

Lenyo Birregulation Therapy | UNLTD Biohacking Recovery Center

UNLTD has at least 7 different machines that address different physical and psychological pains. Combining different healing modalities will ensure optimum results. For starters, UNLTD is offering four formulas to help you mix and match the right machines for your conditions: Defense (for immunity), Peak (for the ultimate athlete), Restore (for repair and rehabilitation), and Power sleeper (for deep sleep).  

For more information about the machines and formulas at UNLTD, or to book a session, visit the UNLTD website at, e-mail, or send a text message to 0917-896-4567.

Photomodulation room | UNLTD Biohacking Recovery Center
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