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You Can Buy Workout Equipment From These Shops Online!

Want to graduate from just doing bodyweight exercises during the quarantine? Order your workout equipment needs online!

Find yourself missing the gym or workout studio during the quarantine? Downloading apps and regularly tuning in to your favorite fitspo on social media can somehow help you cope with the absence of a physical gym, but after a while, you may find yourself wanting to do more than just running or bodyweight exercises. 

Sometimes, you just have to have your workout equipment with you. If you weren't able to stock up before the lockdown, the following stores are open online to serve your workout equipment needs, so scroll ahead and start adding to cart today!


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1. Toby's

This brick and mortar store seen in most major malls in the country continues to serve its loyal clientele by opening up shop online, by finally opening up shop from April 3 onwards (yes, they went live yesterday!) Just log on to to get your sporting goods delivered at the comforts of your own home. They currently deliver to Pasig, Makati, Mandaluyong, and Taguig, but are open to receiving orders from other areas as well, depending on the restrictions per area.

2. Chris Sports

Just a week ago, the iconic sporting goods store opened their shop online, to serve fitness enthusiasts wanting to invest in equipment such as treadmills, indoor bikes, elliptical machines, walkers, and joggers. They also offer smaller equipment like the usual weights, bands, etc. At the moment though, orders placed from yesterday til April 12 will be delivered after the holy week. Log on to


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3. PlayHard Fitness

This strength and conditioning retailer specializes in equipment used by sports and workouts like CrossFit, weight lifting, HIIT, and more. They offer full-setup workout equipment you can only typically find in a regular gym, but if you're the type who wishes to invest in a home gym setup, PlayHard Fitness may be the way to go. At the moment, they cater to select areas in Metro Manila, and they ask for at least five days lead time for orders to be fulfilled. Check out their price list here and follow them on Instagram for inquiries.

4. Active

Currently just available for pick-up in San Juan (you can employ the services of Lalamove or Grab), Active encourages everyone to make the most of their workout at home via a wide range of workout equipment. When you log on to their site, upon finalizing orders, you will be given a date for pick-up, so you can arrange for it then. 

5. Xtreme Gym Equipment

Miss pumping iron at the gym? Fret not! This fitness equipment brand caters to gym addicts like yourself, and delivers full setups for fitness fans who like lifting weights, and working with fitness machines. Check out their Facebook Page to see their full range of products, and start building your dream home gym now!

6. JB Sports Philippines

This account recently promoted several workout equipment available for purchasing during the quarantine. From yoga mats, to dumbbells, medicine balls, and indoor bicycles, an e-mail to [email protected] or a call to 0922-8171605 or (02) 82523836 should get you started on your home workouts! 


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