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Working From Home? Do These Stretches To Stay Limber And Avoid Pain

Just because you're working from home right now doesn't mean you have the license to slack off on your fitness. Apart from home workouts, try these desk stretches to avoid any aches and pains!

Majority of the country's work force has been mandated to start working from home given the COVID-19 outbreak situation, to help avoid further infections that may come along with having to constantly go out. While this means we don't have to step out, managing a work from home situation can also prove to be a challenge, especially for a lot of us that are used to a physical office. 

It can also mean abusing our bodies by not putting time boundaries for work in a day, causing even more fatigue and stress than when we had to physically go out for work. Working from home can also mean extending our hours seated on a desk, causing aches and pains. While we want to stay productive during a lockdown, we have to make sure our bodies don't suffer. 


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Ideally you set up a proper work station and not work from your bed to avoid sleepiness and improper posture, so having a proper desk and chair with good lighting and air ventilation are key. Apart from maintaining proper posture while working, timing breaks to stand up and walk around are also things to keep in mind. 

Another useful thing to do is to STRETCH. Stretching allows your body to stay limber, and to allow proper blood flow in areas that may become stagnant due to non-movement. This also prevents any aches and pains that may develop over a few hours of sitting on a desk. 


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Ahead, we've added some of the best desk stretch videos you can easily follow and adopt in the coming weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown. When things hopefully normalize and we are allowed to go back to our physical offices once again, we might as well bring these newfound practices to ensure fitness in the months and years to come!

Here's to staying fit and healthy amidst the COVID-19 threat!


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