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Yes, You Can Workout While You're Pregnant. Aubrey Miles Tells Us How!

Remember when actress Aubrey Miles broke the news about being pregnant? The stunning mom-to-be is almost at the end of her pregnancy journey now, and boy does she look more amazing than ever! 


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We caught up with Aubrey to pick her brain about breaking pregnancy myths, and getting to be the best version of yourself no matter what stage of life you're in. If there's anyone to look up to, we're pretty sure it's Aubrey—her no-nonsense approach to health, fitness, and motherhood is refreshing in a world where so many limits are being put on women. Here, she proves that you can make your own rules, and inspire others while you're at it. Read on for more nuggest of wisdom from miss Miles herself...



Metro.Style: Can you describe your health and fitness program during your pregnancy? 

Aubrey Miles: I started working out when I was a teenager. My body is used to being active. Prenatal workout is not new to me because I also did it with my other two pregnancies. I do more functional workouts now. A functional workout program is designed to help people with their everyday lifestyle—i.e. going up and down the stairs, walking, going to work, etc. I used to go to the gym every day but now I prefer doing it at home. 



MS: What workouts can pregnant women do? What should they avoid? 

AM: First, if their doctor says it’s fine to workout, then go ahead. For me, prenatal workout is for you not to lose weight or even gain muscles. Working out during pregnancy is to keep your body awake, maintaining a strong physique, and having energy while gaining pregnancy weight. It will also benefit you during labor. It's also a big help for when you decide to do postnatal workout. 

If there's one thing to avoid, it's to never restrict your breathing because you’re sharing oxygen with the baby. Heavy lifting is not good especially on your third trimester unless youre strong enough and your body is used to it. 



MS: Tell us about your diet during your pregnancy. How different is it from when you were not pregnant yet? 

AM: I still eat the same but more of my favorites like veggies and fruits. I only drink water. I don’t drink artificial juices or any packed juices. I prefer homemade fruit shakes with no sugar. I eat brown rice, and I haven’t eaten white rice for 5 years now. I Like natural vitamins, the ones you get from fruits or vegetables, but apart from that, now I have to take prenatal supplements just to make sure I get enough for the baby. I still prefer natural vitamins though.





MS: What are your top 3 best fitness tips for pregnant women?

AM: If you have the go signal from your doctors to workout, then these are my top 3:

1. Get a professional help from a trainer, or do a workout that you know you can do until your third trimester. 

2. I focus on healthy eating a little bit more than working out.

3. Make sure you get enough rest/sleep before working out. Rest is also part of our fitness. 



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MS: Give some misconceptions about working out while pregnant.

AM: Most people think it’s dangerous. Or they think that there is no need to workout while pregnant because you’re going to gain weight anyway, so why do it or make an effort to lose weight? For me, its not even about losing weight—it’s better to stay healthy and stay active in your own way during pregnancy. Some would say it’s dangerous or not good for the baby. I say we have to ask our doctors if we're capable of doing any activity or anything at all. Every pregnancy is different. We can’t compare. Even with my two previous pregnancies, they were both different.  When you’re pregnant, you actually to be your healthiest for the new human being you're carrying inside of you. So this is the best time to make better choices in general!



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