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5 Ways To Relieve Period Pain

We should always be on top of our game--even during red days. Find out how you can conquer your red days like a true girl boss!

Girls, we all go through *that* time of the month. Read on to see some girl boss-approved tips that can also help you conquer one of the most challenging times of the month!
Eat healthy. One of the most common ways to overcome period cramps is to eat healthy. It won’t only help you ease the uncomfortable feeling; it’ll even make you feel better in general.

Stay hydrated. We can’t say this enough  : drink. your. water. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from drinking water--from boosting skin health, to flushing out body waste. It’s no surprise that it can also help with your red day concerns!  


Sleep more. Sleep, like water, is a basic need. No matter how much of a boss we are, our bodies still need rest from time to time--to help reduce stress and improve one’s mood, among many others.


Be active. Just like any other day of the month, we still have to get a lot of things done--even when you’re on your period. So, if you want to conquer your red days like a ~true~ boss, get your body moving by doing exercise. It might help reduce your menstrual cramps and improve your overall body condition.  


Use a feminine wash for red days. We all know how important feminine health and hygiene are. Using a regular feminine wash may not be enough to keep you protected during red days. It’s best to use GynePro, the feminine wash for red days. It’s made with Chlorhexidine digluconate that is clinically proven to be 2X better in killing bacteria vs. other feminine washes. Giving you, tri-power protection against red day threats like odor, itch, and irritation  


As much as we think we’re already ~experts~ in dealing with our period, we still get surprised sometimes by how our bodies react. Maybe it’s best if we try these simple tips so we can fully embrace our inner girl boss--even on red days!  

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