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The New My AIA App Will Help You Commit To Your Health Better

Your one-stop app for all things health!

Gone are the days when we would simply brush off the topic of health. Now, holistic living is put in top priority, especially with a health pandemic ongoing. No one would want to sacrifice on our wellness anymore—it’s a must to keep ourselves safe and healthy, for ourselves and for our loved ones as well.

Insurance provider AIA Philippines understands this need more than ever. With their recent rebranding comes a whole new package that caters not only their clients’ protection, but also aids in maintaining every individual’s health status. Getting insurance just about the future—the brand has created ways to make living well in the present more beneficial and fruitful.


One of them is the launch of their newest platform, the My AIA App. This latest innovation from AIA provides customers with their Total Health Solution ecosystem, with functionalities that will help them live better, protect better, and get better.

“My AIA is our customers’ all-in-one touchpoint where they can manage their protection, continue to choose living healthy, and access health care should they find themselves under the weather or worse, as may sometimes happen,” AIA Philippines Chief Operations Officer Geegee Lopez shares.


In the app, you’ll be able to input all your health and wellness data so you can better track your health goals. It also has convenient features which allows users to maintain their health whenever and wherever. For instance, the Symptoms Checker will keep tabs and offer information on your present condition, while the Teleconsultation feature makes it easier for people to schedule an appointment with a medical professional. Furthermore, you no longer need to drive to the drugstore for your pills with the Medicine Delivery feature.

You can earn rewards points when you use the My AIA app for health and fitness-related activities. You’ll also find helpful articles that tackle everything health. And of course, policy holders can easily access their records through the app as well. 


And their innovation won’t stop here. “This platform is the first step to demonstrate our commitment to make protected healthy living easy,” Geegee adds. “There will be more features coming soon, as we continue our design sprints and customer validations.”

Put all your worries aside and start tracking your health in this one-stop app. After all, it never hurts to be prepared, no matter what happens!

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