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Catriona Gray Shares Her Tips For A Bright Smile & Finding Your Sparkle Amidst Tough Times

The beauty queen gets real, and we love her even more for it!

What's in a smile? As simple as it may seem, a smile has the power to uplift yourself and others around you—so it goes without saying that we should be smiling more despite tough times. One lady who knows the winning power of a smile is none other than Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. “In a time of big changes and challenges where it seems like, at times, the world is out to get us, don’t let the world change your smile. Rediscover your sparkle in pursuing your passions, in times with your loved ones, and in reaching out to others", she shares.

We couldn't agree more, miss Gray! If you've been wondering what she's up to these days, she recently added ambassador to the brand Sparkle, a leading oral Thai beauty brand that combines next-generation ingredients with the latest in oral care technology for a healthier mouth and a brighter smile. It's a match made in heaven, if you ask us!

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Catriona herself, and ask her for her top tips for treating oneself, and how one can bring back that sparkle in the midst of uncertain times. Read on, and get inspired! 

Catriona Gray

Metro.Style: How do you take care of yourself these days?

Catriona Gray: Honestly, I always need to take a few moments to give myself grace and validate what I’m feeling. Most of the time, I subconsciously hold myself to this “standard” of being strong. Of just ‘dealing with it’ when sometimes I forget that what I’m going through really isn’t easy. And reassure myself that having moments of weakness, anxiety, and overwhelm doesn’t mean I’m not strong—it means I’m human. Then I usually open up to a loved one. Being away from my family has been really difficult but even a video call really helps. In other words, I need to lean on other people—I’ve learned that the hardest times are easier to overcome with the help of others. Also, never underestimate the power of prayer.

MS: Describe a day in your life this season.

CG: I’ll usually start my day with quiet time (reading my Bible and devotionals) and steer clear of social media as long into my day as possible. I find, personally, that my overall frame of mind is lighter and more positive if I minimize my exposure to the news. I’ve been making green smoothies or smoothie bowls practically every day, working out, and prioritizing my health. My work commitments during lockdown are mostly online events, interviews, meetings, and planning sessions all conducted online. And during my spare time, I busy myself with audiobooks, reading, writing, playing with my puppies, and calling my loved ones. 


MS: How do you treat yourself?

CG: During this season I’ve begun investing more time into my self-care routine. Whether it be home cooking meals, taking vitamins, drinking enough water, trying to incorporate being active and exercise, or getting a good eight hours of sleep. I’ve also begun being intentional with my beauty routines. Like, weekly I’ll do a mini ‘at-home spa day’ with face masks and body scrubs, and every day I’ll take a little bit of extra time with my skincare routines—it’s become a part of my day that I look forward to.

MS: Could you share any tips for women who are not feeling themselves these days?

CG: Hey, I totally understand. This pandemic has required so much from us as well as challenged us, deprived us, and pressured us. Just remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. You can only do as much as you can. But what’s really helped me, is remembering to take the time for yourself, your mental health and try to not cut yourself off from friends and family in an attempt to “be okay on your own”. It’s always harder on your own. Hope this helps!

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Fitspiration: Singer, Triathlete, Motivational Speaker Elle Adda

MS: Why is dental hygiene important to you?

CG: Because my smile makes up such a huge part of my confidence. I remember when I was a teen with braces I was so shy to smile, and so conscious whenever I had to talk with other people. So now, when I take the time to care for my oral hygiene, meaning the whole floss, brush, and mouthwash routine, I feel like I'm investing into my confidence—which is priceless.


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