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How To Choose The Right Complementary Or Alternative Therapy For You

Here's our firsthand experience!

Stepping into the world of complementary and alternative therapies can be intimidating, especially when you’re a newbie with no idea what you’re getting into. Some of these practices are rather ancient, but there’s still so much hype surrounding them, due in large part to the efforts of marketing and social media. Anything that promises to heal you mind, body, and soul may sound too good to be true, but there is actually some science to all this. 
Since 2013, Centro Holistico has been expertly integrating conventional western medicine with complementary and alternative therapies to improve overall patient health. On my first visit, I was instructed to tick off any stressors—think body aches, mood swings, sleeping issues, etc.,—from a checklist that came with my patient profile and consent forms. This would be the basis of the holistic medical consultation and live blood analysis that I would have to undergo before going in for any of the treatments.

During a holistic medical consultation, you sit down with a certified functional medical practitioner to discuss what makes you tick: physically, mentally, and emotionally. You talk about what you eat, how often you move/exercise, how well you sleep, and what you do for self-care. A drop of your blood is then examined under a microscope and projected onto a monitor so you can see exactly what’s going on as your doctor gives his or her analysis. This is also how they assist you in setting up your treatment regimen and how often you should come back.

Because I wanted to address my sleep concerns, I was recommended to start with a 30-minute acupuncture session. Centro Holistico uses the traditional Chinese medicine method, which involves using fine needles to hit specific points in the body. This helps restore the natural flow of blood, fluids, and qi, helping you relax and feel refreshed. Some conditions that acupuncture helps address are body pains, mental and emotional imbalances, allergic rhinitis, and other chronic diseases such as hypertension and arthritis. 

I wasn’t expecting the procedure to knock me out but it did! I was also told to put off any possibly strenuous tasks (working out, running errands, etc.) until the next day to let the acupuncture work its magic. Sure enough, I napped again when I arrived home and slept much better than I usually do that night.

What I was quite apprehensive about was the colon cleanse. Out of all of Centro Holistico’s offerings, this is the most unglamorous one, but comes highly recommended as it helps flush toxins out of the system. I was escorted into a bathroom equipped with a special bed built to help facilitate the procedure and make you feel comfortable as you take what feels like the world’s longest bathroom break. 

It’s a pretty straightforward procedure. A catheter is inserted into your rectal area, and about 3 gallons of coffee and turmeric solution will flow through your colon. I’m not going to lie about the discomfort; you will definitely feel the bloat and the warmth! The trick is to hold it in for about 20-30 seconds, and relieve yourself as you normally would. Massaging the abdomen helps makes things easier and aids in the release as well. You do everything in the comfort of your own privacy, but the attendants are just a buzzer away in case you need help in any way. I was done in about 30-40 minutes, and was given a warm compress to soothe my abdomen afterwards. All the stress was worth it because I felt feather-light and energized right after! 

Centro Holistico also offers intravenous drip therapies that infuse high doses of vitamins and minerals into the body to address specific needs. I was recommended to do the nutrient therapy and laser therapy to assist in tissue repair and up regulate my immune system, but could not do so at the time because I was in between doses of the Covid vaccine. If you’re in the same boat, please prioritize your vaccines and save any intravenous treatments for until your personal physician gives you the all-clear.

Photography by Niccolo Cosme

Centro Holistico has branches in Quezon City, Rockwell, and Alabang. Patient safety is of utmost priority; you get swabbed before you come in for treatment and capacity is limited to two persons max. To book your appointments, visit or get in touch with your branch of choice via phone call.